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7 Great Benefits of Watermelon Seed Tea

7 Great Benefits of Watermelon Seed Tea
7 Great Benefits of Watermelon Seed Tea

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatusis) a pleasant summer season deal with. We frequently mindlessly discard the tiny black seeds dotting the juicy pink meat, unaware of its quite a few well being advantages. In reality, watermelon seeds unfairly have a nasty rap.

Individuals contemplate these seeds to be an annoying imposition whereas some youngsters might consider that swallowing the seeds will trigger a watermelon to develop of their stomach. Eager to keep away from the frustration of choosing seeds out of their fruit, individuals typically buy seedless watermelons, unaware of what they’re lacking.

Nevertheless, outdoors of america, notably in Asian nations and India, watermelon seeds are a well-liked meals and garnish on prime of salads. These seeds not solely make a wholesome snack, however a tasty kidney cleaning tea as properly.

Nevertheless you put together it, you will see that that watermelon seeds are an amazing addition to a nutritious diet and a fast and straightforward strategy to get your every day nutritional vitamins and vitamins.

Watermelon seed tea can also be advisable by the well-known psychic and holistic pioneer Edgar Cayce.
Whereas we can’t assure clairvoyance, we will say there are numerous well being advantages.


Dietary Worth

When watermelon seeds are dried and roasted, they’re a scrumptious and straightforward approach to get a lift in your every day beneficial dose important nutritional vitamins and minerals.


Its essential to get your every day consumption of minerals, thankfully, with watermelon seeds, you have got an edge. Excessive in magnesium, consuming one cup of watermelon seeds provides you 139% of your advisable day by day worth.

Magnesium is important to good well being, serving to to manage blood strain. One other mineral present in watermelon seeds is zinc.
Getting sufficient zinc in your food plan is important in sustaining your immune system, sustaining your sense of odor, metabolizing vitamins, and general wholesome physique functioning.

Final, however not least, watermelon seeds are excessive in iron.
Getting your every day advisable worth of iron is significant to the well being of your pink blood cells, important to offering oxygen to your tissues. These feeling weak and fatigued or are affected by anemia ought to contemplate including watermelon seeds to their food plan to take care of wholesome ranges of iron of their physique.

watermelon seed tea vitamins and minerals

B Nutritional vitamins

For those who’re on the lookout for a simple and scrumptious option to get your B nutritional vitamins, look no additional. By snacking on one cup of watermelon seeds, you will get 19% of your beneficial consumption of niacin.

Getting your day by day dose of niacin is necessary in sustaining the well being of you pores and skin, nervous system and digestive system. Different B nutritional vitamins that may be present in watermelon seeds are pantothenic acid, riboflavin, folate, and vitamin B6. These nutritional vitamins are important in selling physique functioning and changing meals into power.

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Watermelon seeds are a good way to get a lift in your day by day protein. By consuming one cup of roasted seeds, you recover from half of the beneficial worth. It’s important to include protein into your food regimen as a result of it’s instrumental in serving to your physique to construct muscle mass, blood, cartilage, and pores and skin.

With out protein your physique wouldn’t have the ability to construct and restore tissue, produce hormones, enzymes, and different chemical compounds important to regular functioning.
So assume twice earlier than spitting out these seeds!

Amino Acids

The excessive protein content material in watermelon seeds make sure that you additionally get your every day dose of amino acids. By ingesting watermelon seeds you’re furnishing your physique with the amino acids arginine, tryptophan, lysine, and glutamic acid.

It’s particularly useful to get ingest meals with arginine because it nice for the well being of your coronary heart. These affected by coronary heart illness might need to chew on a pair seeds to assist regulate their blood strain.


There are good fat and dangerous fat. Surprisingly, watermelon seeds are a superb supply of good fat which might be useful to your well being. In a single cup of watermelon seeds, you’ll discover a stability of saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and omega-6 fatty acids.

The monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat are advantageous to your coronary heart, serving to to scale back excessive blood ldl cholesterol. In the meantime, the omega-6 fatty acids can scale back your blood strain. It must be famous although that there could be an excessive amount of of an excellent factor right here, as consuming an entire cup of watermelon seeds means you’re taking in 600 energy.

Watermelon Seed Tea Benefits

Watermelon in itself is a superb wholesome snack, however by additionally consuming the seeds, you get a twin benefit. So the subsequent time you gorge on the juicy pink pulp of a watermelon, assume twice about spitting out the seeds. These little black gems might not solely enhance your well being, however will improve your look as nicely.

Coronary heart Well being

These affected by heart problems and hypertension might need to concentrate. Watermelon seeds include a excessive quantity of magnesium, which is important for selling wholesome coronary heart functioning and sustaining your blood strain.

Not solely that, however they’re additionally wealthy in good fat and amino acids additionally useful to regulating blood strain and stopping coronary heart illness.


Consuming and consuming sure meals is all the time tough for diabetics. They need to watch out to not eat something that may throw off their glucose ranges, additional complicating their sickness.

Fortuitously, watermelon seeds could also be of service to these affected by fluctuating glucose ranges. In case you’re affected by diabetes, attempt boiling a handful of watermelon seeds and a cup of scorching water and drink as a tea. This tea will assist hold your blood sugar ranges underneath management.

watermelon seed tea for male ED

Male Fertility

Watermelon seeds include the amino acids important for sexual well being and enhancing male fertility. Research have discovered that the arginine content material in watermelon seeds encourages the manufacturing of nitric oxide, selling sperm manufacturing and treating erectile dysfunction.

watermelon seed tea for skin

Wholesome Pores and skin

Should you’re on the lookout for moisturized, glowing pores and skin, think about including watermelon seeds to your food plan. These seeds include the fatty acids liable for serving to pores and skin to stay supple and versatile. Watermelon seeds can also profit these affected by pimples.

watermelon seed tea for anti-aging


Watermelon seeds are chock full of antioxidants which might be notably useful to your complexion. It’s important that we get sufficient antioxidants into our techniques to protect towards and even reverse the injury carried out by dangerous free radicals. Antioxidants don’t solely shield you towards inner illnesses, additionally they assist hold your pores and skin match and wholesome.

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Antioxidants like these present in watermelon seeds can shield towards many of the indicators of untimely growing older akin to wrinkles, positive strains and different ugly blemishes.  You will not be involved with the consequences of growing older fairly but however consuming watermelon seeds can have a really useful impact on the overall look and well being of your pores and skin and who doesn’t need extra engaging, youthful wanting pores and skin?

Wholesome Hair and Nails

Wealthy in protein, watermelon seeds are particularly good for hair and nails. Hair and nails are constructed principally of protein and it by no means hurts to get just a little bit extra. This additional increase in protein and amino fatty acids prevents breakage and guarantees an expensive mane. Additionally, consuming roasted watermelon seeds will add an excellent shine to your hair.

Shiny Colourful Hair:

Watermelon seeds include melanin, that are answerable for including pigment to your hair. By consuming these seeds, you’ll add to the pure richness of shade to your hair whereas including a stunning sheen.

watermelon seed tea for kidney stones

Watermelon Seed Tea for Kidney Stones

Watermelon seed tea is a good way to advertise and keep the well being of your bladder and kidneys. Thought-about a diuretic, watermelon seed tea naturally cleanses your kidneys and prevents the likelihood of creating painful kidney stones.

Those that have kidneys not working as much as snuff will discover that consuming this tea will stimulate the functioning of their kidneys, holding issues shifting.

What the Analysis Says

Regardless of all of its purported makes use of, there are valuable few analysis research into the advantages of watermelon seeds and watermelon seed tea. There have nevertheless been a couple of research that we’ll take a loom at now.

  • Watermelon seeds and protein : One research revealed in 2011 set out to take a look at the protein profile of watermelon seeds with a view of utilizing them in its place supply of protein in creating nations. The researchers discovered that watermelon seeds contained a spread of totally different proteins together with globulin, albumin and glutelin. The researchers concluded that the superb dietary worth and the useful properties of watermelon seeds had potential for use in meals formulations. (1)
  • Diuretic results of watermelon seeds : A research revealed approach again in 1939 appeared on the protein worth and diuretic results of watermelon seeds. (2) One other research revealed in 1964 prompt that when taken in sufficiently giant quantities, watermelon seeds might have a pure diuretic impact. If so, it signifies that watermelon seeds would have a quantity of invaluable makes use of for well being as an alternative choice to extra typical water tablets. (three) For instance, watermelon seeds might assist individuals deal with urinary tract and bladder infections in addition to serving to deal with kidney complaints. Watermelon seed tea may additionally have a big position to play in weight administration.

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Tips on how to Put together Watermelon Seed Tea

  1. Pulverize and crush a number of watermelon seeds.
  2. Add one teaspoon of the crushed seeds to at least one cup of boiling water.
  3. Let steep for about fifteen minutes.
  4. It is suggested that you simply drink at the least one cup of tea per day, 3 times every week.
  5. When storing the tea, be certain that it’s a tight container. The tea ought to hold for about three days. Warmth up each time you take pleasure in a cup.

One other technique of preparation might be present in The Cayce Well being Database has some watermelon seed tea preparation ideas right here

Baar sells crushed watermelon seeds that can be utilized to brew Watermelon Seed Tea

Remaining Ideas

Whereas watermelon is a highly regarded fruit eaten the world over, the overwhelming majority of individuals merely discard the seeds. This can be a disgrace since analysis exhibits that watermelon seeds are wealthy in protein and numerous minerals and nutritional vitamins that could possibly be put to good use.

Watermelon seeds have wonderful antioxidant potential and a quantity of extraordinarily necessary vitamins. By consuming these seeds or utilizing them to make a tea, you possibly can assist increase your well being in a spread of methods. Your coronary heart, kidneys, pores and skin and hair can all profit from watermelon seeds. 

So, the subsequent time you’re consuming a watermelon, just remember to don;t throw away the seeds. Save them and comply with our recipe above for a wholesome, refreshing tea.