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7 Proven Health Benefits of Galangal

7 Proven Health Benefits of Galangal

7 Proven Health Benefits of Galangal

What’s Galangal?

Dwelling in Thailand, I’m lucky sufficient to dine on the nation’s unimaginable delicacies each day. Galangal is a staple ingredient in a quantity of Thai dishes however I need to admit I confused it with ginger for the longest time. This isn’t shocking since to the untrained eye, the herb appears lots like ginger. Nevertheless, galangal has its personal distinctive taste being citrusy and concurrently spicy.

Galangal is utilized in many of Thailand’s hottest dishes together with tom yam gung and tom kaa gai. The herb belongs to the identical household as ginger and grows in lots of elements of the Asian continent.

Like its cousin ginger, galangal has a variety of excellent well being advantages. Current research have discovered that it will probably assist scale back bodily irritation whereas there’s a rising physique of thrilling proof to recommend it could possibly assist battle a number of varieties of most cancers.

but? In case you are, then please learn on to seek out out simply how a lot this excellent herb might help your well being and how one can add it to your weight loss plan.

There are literally three totally different sorts of galangal :

  • The lesser galangal (Alpinia officinarum)
  • The higher galangal (Alpinia galanga)
  • The sunshine galangal (Alpinia speciosa)
  • Black galangal (Kaempferia galanga)

The majority of the analysis up to now has targeted on the lesser and higher species of the herb.

Dietary Info and Composition

A single serving (100 grams) of galangal root accommodates the next :

70 energy
15 grams of carbohydrates
1 gram of protein
1 gram of fats
2 grams of fiber
5.four grams of vitamin C representing 9% of RDA

In accordance with analysis, galangal incorporates a quantity of lively compounds. These embrace :

  • 1,Eight-cineol
  • α-fenchyl acetate
  • β-farnesene
  • β-bisabolene
  • α-bergamotene
  • β-pinene
  • 1’-acetoxychavicol acetate

These lively compounds give the herb a quantity of medicinal properties. These embrace antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiulcer, antitumor, antioxidant and antiallergic actions. (1)

Conventional Makes use of of Galangal

Galangal is utilized in alternative ways relying on the nation. Within the majority of South East Asia, Recent galanga is most popular and dried galangal is never used. In Indonesia nevertheless, powder created from dried glanga is usually used.

The rhizomes are used to deal with numerous circumstances together with rheumatism, colds, catarrh, whooping cough, ulcers, dangerous breath, throat infections, dyspepsia and fever.

In conventional Indian drugs or Ayurveda, the rhizomes are used to deal with a variety of circumstances together with indigestion, dysentary, colic, most cancers, respiratory illness and pores and skin illness. It’s also used as a treatment for dangerous breath and as a physique deodorant.

Nowadays, there’s rising curiosity within the well being profit of the herb. It has been extensively studied for its means to deal with irritation and most cancers and lots of different circumstances.

Health Benefits of Galangal

Most cancers

The previous decade or so has seen a rising curiosity within the means of galangal to struggle most cancers. This curiosity continues to rise with increasingly research demonstrating that the herb has thrilling potential to battle and even forestall a quantity of totally different cancers.

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Leukemia : One research revealed in 2013 discovered that extracts from lesser galangal leaf had wonderful
anticancer actions towards leukemia cells. (2)

Melanoma : A Taiwanese workforce appeared on the results on pores and skin most cancers of a number of compounds remoted from galangal root. The researchers discovered that each one three of the compounds examined had antiproliferative results which means that they inhibited the expansion of most cancers cells. (three)

Pancreatic Most cancers : A research revealed in 2017 examined a quantity of compounds present in galangal towards pancreatic most cancers. The researchers discovered that these compounds prevented new cells from rising and prevented them from spreading. (four)

Colon Most cancers : A research revealed in 2013 discovered that galangin – a flavonoid present in galangin prompted cell demise or apoptosis to human colon most cancers cells. (5)

Liver Most cancers : A number of research have discovered that compounds extracted from galangal have been efficient towards liver most cancers cells. (6) One research discovered that when 1′-acetoxychavicol acetate extracted from galangal was utilized in mixture with typical therapies, it induced apoptosis very successfully (7)

Breast Most cancers : An Iranian research revealed in 2014 discovered that a galngal extract brought on cell dying or apoptosis in breast most cancers cells with out harming wholesome cells. (Eight) One other research carried out in China had comparable outcomes. (9)

Bile Duct Most cancers : This unusual however aggressive type of most cancers impacts extra individuals in sub-tropical areas. Researchers discovered that kaempferol extracted from galangal helped extend the life spans of mice with this manner of most cancers. (10)

Gastric Most cancers : One other Iranian research revealed in 2014 discovered liquid extracts of galangal efficient towards this manner of most cancers cell. (11)

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Persistent irritation is one of the basis causes of many critical illnesses together with coronary heart illness, most cancers and Alzheimer’s. Analysis into the consequences of galangal have demonstrated that this superb herb has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that may assist deal with a variety of inflammatory circumstances.

In accordance with analysis, galangal incorporates a sure phytonutrient that suppresses TNF-alpha exercise serving to to scale back ranges of irritation all through an individual’s physique. (12)

Research have additionally demonstrated that galangal has the power to scale back irritation related to the next circumstances :

Arthritis : A research revealed in 2001 examined the consequences of an extract containing each galangal and ginger root on knee ache in arthritis sufferers. The researchers discovered that those that took the extract skilled vital ache discount and fewer want for medicine. (13)

Mastitis : Galangal incorporates a phytonutrient referred to as kaempferol. Research have demonstrated that this compound might help scale back the nipple irritation skilled by many ladies whereas breastfeeding. (13)

Respiratory Misery : Research have additionally revealed that the anti-inflammatory actions of galangal may also help scale back irritation brought on by lung damage. (14)

Antimicrobial Properties

Galangal and extracts made with the herb even have excellent antimicrobial actions. In line with research, the herb is efficient towards numerous strains of micro organism together with E, coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, listeria and clostridium. Research have demonstrated that it’s efficient towards bacterial strains that are resistant to standard antibiotics. (14)

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One other research discovered that galangal was a helpful weapon towards H. Pylori – a micro organism carried by a big proportion of individuals worldwide. Based on analysis, galangal not solely helps destroy the micro organism itself however may even assist shield towards the abdomen ulcers which frequently happen as a result of of this nasty micro organism. (15)


Animal research have additionally revealed that galangal might assist increase male fertility.

One Iranian research revealed in 2014 discovered that it improved general sperm rely in addition to sperm motility or the power of sperm to maneuver effectively. (16)

One other research carried out in Denmark examined the consequences of galangal mixed with pomegranate extract on sperm rely and motility. They discovered that remedy with the extract had a considerably constructive impact on sperm motility and sperm rely. (17)

Cognitive Health

Galangal root additionally accommodates compounds that may have a constructive impact on numerous cognitive features. Based on analysis, one of these compounds referred to as ACA can shield the mind from age associated degeneration and should have a task to play towards illness like Alzheimer’s. (18)

As a result of of its potential to scale back irritation, galangal might additionally assist struggle different mind associated circumstances together with melancholy. In line with analysis, continual irritation could also be a think about melancholy and its capacity to manage TNF-alpha may assist maintain irritation in verify and scale back the danger of the situation. (19)

Digestive Health

Trendy drugs has began to show that the herb has a quantity of thrilling advantages. Nevertheless, one of the most typical conventional makes use of of galangal is to assist increase digestive well being.

The basis has lengthy been used to assist enhance digestive well being, settle the abdomen and soothe abdomen upset. In Asia and the Indian system of Ayurveda, the basis is used to deal with a variety of digestive complaints together with diarrhea, indigestion, abdomen upset and vomiting.

Antioxidant Benefits

Galangal is full of antioxidants and by now everyone knows the significance of getting as many antioxidants into our techniques as attainable.

Dietary antioxidants that we get from recent fruit, veg and herbs assist neutralize the injury completed by free radicals. Also referred to as oxidative stress, free radical injury can have a devastating impact on the physique and is on the coronary heart of many critical sicknesses. In addition to defending us from illness, antioxidants like those present in galangal also can have an anti-aging impact in your look and hold your pores and skin wanting more healthy and extra strong.

Find out how to Use Galangal

Relying on the place you reside, galangal root could also be available recent. After buying the basis, don’t take away the pores and skin till you’re about to make use of it. It ought to hold for a quantity of weeks in your fridge however you may as well freeze it or dry it to increase its shelf life.

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In case you are planning to make use of it in cooking, there are any quantity of methods to make use of it. It has a singular and pungent taste that many individuals take pleasure in. Add some of the chopped or sliced root to spicy soups and stews and see what you assume.

One other means to make use of the herb is to cut the roots up superb and use them to make a decoction. Alternatively, you possibly can grind the dried roots right into a powder to make your personal dietary supplements, use to make a tea or add to your cooking.

Galnagal Vs Turmeric and Ginger

Galangal could be very comparable in look to different tasty and extremely useful roots like turmeric and ginger. They really have many of the identical properties together with the power to battle irritation, forestall most cancers and increase digestive well being. Nevertheless there are additionally variations.

Each ginger and turmeric are recognized to deal with diabetes and to kill ache naturally, No research have demonstrated that galangal can obtain these results. Research dine thus far additionally present that solely turmeric has cardiovascular advantages. Galangal is alone in enhancing fertility whereas ginger might assist an individual to shed weight.

Though all three roots have digestive advantages, there’s some proof that galangal will increase abdomen acid ranges making it unsuitable for individuals with ulcers or GERD.


Whereas galangal is a generally consumed meals, there are nonetheless some precautions that you have to be conscious of.

  • Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from utilizing natural cures together with galangal until they’ve approval from their physician.
  • Galangal might improve the extent of acid in your abdomen so individuals with GERD, acid reflux disease or peptic ulcers ought to keep away from consuming it.
  • If unsure, converse to your physician earlier than utilizing this or another natural treatment.

Remaining Ideas

  • Galangal is a member of the identical household as ginger and originates in China and Thailand.
  • It has a spicy taste however lacks the capsaicin which makes many chilly so scorching to style.
  • Galangal has been nicely research over current years particularly for its capability to battle most cancers.
  • Research have additionally revealed that the herb can fight irritation, increase digestion, enhance fertility and help mind well being.
  • Whereas galangal seems to be rather a lot like ginger and turmeric, it has a definite taste and a quantity of totally different medicinal properties.
  • You need to use it in your cooking or use it to make a wholesome tea or decoction.