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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Daisies

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Daisies

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Daisies

Daisy Benefits

If you hear the phrase – daisy, a selected flower probably involves thoughts. Many crops share a reputation with the daisy however when most individuals are speaking about daisies, they’re doubtless referring to Bellis perennis.

Whereas the overwhelming majority of individuals comprehend it because the daisy, the flower additionally goes by a quantity of different widespread names together with Wild daisy, garden daisy, widespread daisy, English daisy.

Some of its different widespread names resembling woundwort and bruisewort give a not too delicate trace at some of its potential medicinal makes use of.

The plant is native to many elements of Europe however is now naturalized in all corners of the globe.

The Latin identify for the plant – Bellis Perennis is derived from the phrase ‘bellus’ which means lovely and ‘perennis’ meaming perpetually. This appears applicable provided that daisies are used on the pores and skin to enhance basic pores and skin well being and wonder and in addition to eradicate many of the indicators of getting older like wrinkles and solar injury.

In addition to its pretty look and pleasant perfume, daisies have been used as a medicinal plant for a really very long time. They can be utilized to make ointments and utilized topically to the pores and skin, used as an ingredient in cooking or to make tea whereas extracts are additionally used to make supplementary remedies.

If you need to seek out out extra about how daisies can profit your well being and look and the way to use them, I’m positive you will see lots of curiosity on this article.

Chemical Composition

The various potential well being advantages of daisies come right down to its numerous vary of chemical compounds. The plant incorporates the next compounds all of which confer numerous well being advantages.

  • Flavonoids : Flavonoids present in daisies might help deal with a variety of circumstances. They’ve wonderful antioxidant properties in addition to the power to scale back irritation.
  • Anthocyanins : Anthocyanins even have wonderful antioxidant properties. They’re current in lots of of the purple and purple coloured superfoods like blueberries, cranberries and maqui berries.
  • Polyphenols : Polyphenols even have wonderful antioxidant properties and assist take up the physique to soak up vitamins extra successfully.
  • Daisies additionally include triterpenes and saponins.

These compounds give the daisy a variety of medicinal actions. These embrace anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hemolytic, cytotoxic, dermatological, astringent, antibacterial and hypolipidemic properties.

Historical past of Daisies as Drugs

The historical past of the daisy getting used as a medicinal plant goes again hundreds of years. Based on historic paperwork, daisies have been used since at the least 2000 B.C. There’s some proof that the flowers have been cultivated by the traditional Egyptians who used them for a variety of illnesses.

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Army docs in the course of the Roman interval soaked their bandages with tincture extracted from the flower and used it to deal with injured troopers. Based on historic texts, the flowers have been used to alleviate ache and to deal with wounds, bruises and even bone fractures. (1)

The use of daisies in drugs by herbalists unfold around the globe and continues to the current day. Within the 16th century, the famend herbalist John Gerrard famous that daisy extracts might be used to deal with a broad vary of circumstances.

These included irritation, bruises, digestive complaints, pleurisy, coughs and different respiratory circumstances, complications, liver circumstances, kidney points and gallbladder points. The flower has additionally been utilized by ladies to deal with swollen breasts and menstrual bleeding.

Today, daisies are nonetheless used to deal with a variety of inner points however have turn into more and more in style as an ingredient in skincare merchandise. As a result of of its pure antibacterial properties, this flower is extraordinarily efficient in wound therapeutic and treating bruised and broken pores and skin.

Daisies even have astringent and antioxidant properties and are used as an ingredient in skincare merchandise together with ointments, lotions, serums and even pure whitening merchandise.

Health Benefits of Daisies

Colds and Different Respiratory Circumstances

Daisy flower can be utilized in a single of a number of types to assist deal with colds, bronchitis and different respiratory points. The flower has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that may assist release the construct up of phlegm and mucus within the respiratory system and assist you breathe extra freely.

One smart way to assist deal with a cough, chilly or bronchitis is to make a wholesome cup of daisy tea. It’s easy to make, protected in applicable doses and extremely efficient.

Daisy tea can be used as a mouthwash to assist relieve sore throat and irritation within the mouth.

Digestive Health

A cup of daisy tea might assist forestall indigestion and assist to deal with a quantity of widespread digestive complaints. Based on proponents, daisies may also help stimulate the digestive system to make sure that it’s in higher working order to soak up and digest your meals. This treatment may additionally assist ease bloating, constipation and abdomen cramps whereas additionally boosting the urge for food.

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Cramps and Spasms

Daisy extract may additionally have antispasmodic actions that may assist scale back cramping within the abdomen and in different elements of the physique. There isn’t a particular analysis into the consequences of daisies on cramping however individuals who use it declare that it’s an efficient treatment for cramps and muscle spasms.


Daises might have pure diuretic results that may assist promote the passage of extra fluids from the physique. Consuming daisy tea might promote sweating and assist relieve fevers. It’s also typically additionally utilized in a compress which is positioned towards the brow to assist relieve fever and related complications.

Rheumatism and Arthritis

Daisies have anti-inflammatory properties that may assist scale back irritation related to widespread joint points together with arthritis and rheumatism.

Wounds, Bruises and Cuts

One of the widespread English names for daisies is ‘Bruisewort;. This provides you a serious clue as to at least one of its conventional makes use of. Daisy can be utilized as an ingredient in topical ointments to assist deal with bruises however it might additionally assist heal a variety of different pores and skin wounds together with cuts, scratches and sores.

One research revealed in 2012 appeared on the results of an ointment made with daisy extract and located that it helped heal wounds shortly with out the formation of scars. (2)

Daisy flower additionally accommodates wonderful antibacterial properties which means that it might kill off micro organism in any wounds or sores and assist forestall the micro organism from spreading. This perhaps why the flowers have been utilized in a poultice on the battle fields going again to historic occasions.

Pores and skin Benefits

Daisy flower could be utilized topically to assist lighten the pores and skin and to cope with a quantity of widespread pores and skin complaints in addition to merely taking care of your pores and skin’s general well being and look. These are some of the circumstances for which daisy flower can be utilized.


Sunspots happen when your pores and skin is uncovered to the solar’s highly effective UV rays for a protracted interval of time. These flat, brown patches can seem anyplace on the physique which is uncovered to the solar regularly together with the arms, face, neck and brow.

Sunspots are very troublesome to deal with particularly in case you discover merchandise containing hydroquinone troublesome to tolerate. Luckily, daisy extract is understood to assist lighten the pores and skin with far much less danger of the unwanted effects individuals typically get from business lightening merchandise.

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Sagging Pores and skin and Wrinkles

Publicity to environmental pollution in addition to the solar’s UV rays can result in pores and skin injury and end in untimely indicators of ageing like wrinkles or sagging pores and skin. Daisy flower is replete with antioxidants that may assist reverse a lot of this injury and assist your pores and skin look youthful, firmer and tighter.

How To Use

The complete flower is used to make dietary supplements together with tinctures and liquid extract in addition to being utilized in topical lotions and ointments. Just remember to learn the producer’s label appropriately earlier than utilizing any daisy merchandise.

You can even make a pleasant cup of daisy tea to assist deal with a number of circumstances together with indigestion and joint ache.

Daisy Tea

Making daisy tea is as straightforward as making another brew. All you want are some dried flowers and a few water. To make your tea, add one or two tablespoons of the dried flowers to a cup of boiling water.

Let the combination sit and steep for round 10 minutes, pressure and drink up. You’ll be able to add honey to style and drink as much as three cups every day.

Aspect Results and Precautions

There’s not sufficient scientific knowledge relating to the security of utilizing daisies internally to advocate a dose. Nevertheless, it might be protected to make use of daisies internally in appropriate doses.

There isn’t a info relating to unwanted side effects however individuals with allergic reactions to different members of the Astaracea household might endure an allergic response and will keep away from utilizing daisy both internally or topically. Different crops in the identical household embrace ragweed, marigold and chrysanthemums.

Ladies who’re pregnant or breastfeeding ought to keep on the aspect of warning and keep away from utilizing daisy.

Last Ideas

  • Daisies have a quantity of medicinal compounds that may be helpful to your well being.
  • They’ve antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hemolytic properties.
  • Daisy flower extract is accessible within the type of liquid extracts and tinctures and they’re typically consumed within the type of a tea.
  • Among the many circumstances, daisy flower may also help deal with are arthritis, colds and coughs, indigestion and upset abdomen.
  • Daisy can be utilized topically to assist deal with wounds, bruises and cuts and to assist lighten the pores and skin and scale back blemishes and wrinkles.