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9 Home Remedies for Pain from Exposed Nerve in Tooth

In case you are studying this article then there is a good probability you’re suffering from a very painful toothache. I know exactly how you are feeling. Toothache could be unbearably painful especially when it’s brought on by an exposed nerve or root.  Exposed nerves are a standard dental challenge that may occur when your tooth are damaged or damaged.

While this article will supply strategies for house cures that can show you how to cope with the pain, it will be important that you simply visit your dentist to avoid infection and different problems that can make the state of affairs even worse.

What Causes an Exposed Nerve?

When tooth are healthy, an enamel protects the smooth underlying dentin layer with the roots protected by the gums. But when this enamel is worn down, broken or if the gums have receded, the mushy dentin gets uncovered. This triggers pain as a result of the dentin is related to the nerves which result in the tooth’s pulp.

Dentin accommodates many hundreds of tiny channels that result in the pulp. When these channels or tubules are uncovered, they allow cold, warmth and acidic substances to succeed in the delicate nerves inside the tooth inflicting pain that may be extremely extreme.

This sensitivity to temperature as is what makes consuming and consuming so painful and troublesome when your tooth are broken. And it isn’t solely consuming and consuming that that causes issues; even respiration in cold air may cause a pointy ache making you wince.

Elements that result in tooth Sensitivity and Nerve Exposure

  • Brushing your tooth too arduous : can wear down the enamel over time.
  • Gum disease : irritation in the gums or gingivitis may cause the roots to develop into uncovered.
  • Receding gums : as gums recede from the tooth, the roots and nerves turn out to be uncovered.
  • Cracked tooth : tooth which might be cracked or chipped might refill with bacteria which enters the pulp inflicting nice pain.
  • Grinding your tooth : this will put on the enamel down and expose the mushy dentin beneath.
  • Plaque : Plaque on the basis surface might trigger sensitivity,
  • Acidic meals : often eating meals with a high acid content material may cause the enamel to erode and depart dentin exposed.

Home Remedies

If your tooth is damaged, then it is rather essential that you simply see a dentist as soon as potential to keep away from additional problems. That is particularly essential if the injury is so nice that the basis or nerve has been uncovered.

There are nevertheless some potential solutions which may help ease your signs briefly till you will get professional assist.


A rinse with saltwater is likely one of the greatest and easiest things you are able to do to alleviate the pain you feel. Salt is of course antibacterial and may also help to kill the micro organism and germs in the tooth. Everyone has salt in the home and it’s a good first line of remedy to ease your signs. You should use salt alone or in combination with one other house remedy from our record.

  • Add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and stir to dissolve.
  • Use the saltwater to rinse out your mouth. Swoosh it around in your mouth for three minutes or so then spit it out.
  • Repeat the process frequently until you are feeling some aid from the ache.

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Clove Oil

Clove oil is among the only pure cures for curing tooth ache, Actually, cloves have been used to ease dental pain since long before the dental career happened. Clove oil works because it incorporates eugenol which has wonderful analgesic properties. (1)

At present, clove oil is usually used as an ingredient in numerous business toothpastes and mouthwashes. The eugenol found in cloves may help ease pain, soothe inflammation and kill micro organism making it a superb pure treatment to have available for a dental emergency.

  • Take a cotton swab and soak it in your clove oil.
  • Apply the oil on to the world that’s causing the ache.
  • Repeat twice a day.
  • Alternatively, dilute 3 or 4 drops of clove oil in a teaspoon of sesame oil or olive oil. Soak a cotton ball in the combination and apply it to the exposed nerve like a compress.


Ginger is one other herb that may assist ease the signs from an uncovered tooth nerve. Ginger has a lot of medicinal properties including analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions that can ease your pain and irritation. (2)

You should use recent ginger or ginger essential oil to assist treat toothache and ache brought on by an uncovered nerve.

  • Peel and slice a recent ginger root.
  • Apply the sliced ginger to the exposed nerve and chew down gently to release the juice.
  • Transfer the slice around the affected space together with your tongue.
  • Proceed until the slices are clean then spit them out.

You can even use ginger important oil in the identical method as you need to use the clove oil talked about beforehand.


Garlic is another herb with various unimaginable well being advantages. It accommodates a strong substance referred to as allicin and has antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. These actions may help relieve the painful symptoms of toothache whereas killing the micro organism that could be an underlying cause.

  • Peel and crush a couple of cloves of recent garlic and add slightly salt.
  • Mix right into a thick paste then apply it directly to the uncovered nerve.
  • Depart it in place for an hour or so and then rinse out your mouth.
  • Repeat as typically as needed till you are feeling some aid.

Sesame Oil

A well-liked treatment in Ayurveda, oil pulling could be a very efficient method of treating toothache and a very good preventive measure to make sure good oral hygiene. Sesame oil is a well-liked choice for pulling due to its wonderful medicinal properties.

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Based on research oil pulling with sesame oil is effective towards numerous bacterial strains that could be the cause of your tooth sensitivity. (3) The oil also has wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which will help relieve the swelling and irritation in your gums and roots.

  • Take a tablespoon of sesame oil and swoosh it about your mouth.
  • Don’t swallow the oil, flow into it about taking note of the affected tooth for ten minutes or so.
  • Spit out the oil then rinse with salt water.
  • Repeat every day.

Even if oil pulling doesn’t eradicate your symptoms, it’s thought-about a superb safety measure that may assist improve your oral hygiene.

You’ll be able to add a couple of drops of clove or peppermint essential oil to the sesame oil for even higher impact however be careful to not swallow any.

Coconut Oil

Very similar to sesame oil, coconut oil is right for pulling. It incorporates excellent antibacterial properties in addition to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Pulling with coconut oil could be a superb addition to your dental hygiene regime and should even help ease the symptoms from an uncovered nerve.

  • Take a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and swish it round your mouth.
  • Permit it to circulate for 10 to 20 minutes then spit it out.
  • Watch out to not swallow.

Once more, you possibly can add a number of drops of an antibacterial essential oil for even larger impact. Clove is a superb selection because of its wonderful analgesic properties.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a time honored house treatment for toothache which will properly assist ease the signs you feel. vanilla extract has a numbing impact due to the small amount of alcohol it accommodates. Studies additionally present it has antioxidant properties that may help velocity up the healing process. (four)

  • Soak a cotton swab in your vanilla extract.
  • Apply the swab to the affected tooth.
  • Repeat a number of occasions a day.

Thyme Important Oil

Thyme oil incorporates highly effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can assist deal with your toothache or no less than ease your symptoms briefly. It additionally has wonderful antibacterial properties that can help kill the bacteria that could be causing an an infection.

  • Mix a couple of drops of time important oil with a bit of water or coconut oil.
  • Soak a cotton swab or cotton ball in the combination and apply to the uncovered nerve in your tooth.
  • Repeat twice day by day and hopefully it’ll relieve your symptoms.

Alternatively, you can also make a natural antibacterial mouthwash by including a couple of drops of thyme oil to a glass of distilled water. Ensure you do not swallow any of the mixture.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has quite a lot of medicinal properties. because of its antimicrobial and anti inflammatory actions, it’s often used on the skin. Research have demonstrated that it could actually also assist velocity up healing of the tooth and gums and will forestall further injury. (5)

  • Slice a recent Aloe vera leaf and extract its gel.
  • Apply the gel to the exposed nerve with a cotton ball or swab.
  • Let it sit for at the least 20 minutes then rinse your mouth out with saltwater.
  • repeat twice a day until you are feeling aid.

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In terms of dental issues, prevention is a lot better than remedy. Whereas a few of these house cures might ease your symptoms, it is probably you’ll need professional help in the near future. Dental remedy can even hit your pockets arduous making it even more necessary that you simply take good care of your tooth.

Listed here are a few of the greatest ways to ensure your tooth and gums remain healthy and you don’t expose the nerves and find yourself suffering from excruciating ache.

  • Good oral hygiene : It’s important to brush and floss completely using the perfect methods.
  • Use a smooth toothbrush : Smooth bristles are less abrasive and less more likely to put on down the enamel on your tooth. They are additionally less irritating to the gums but you’ll want to brush gently around your gum line to avoid eroding the gum.
  • Use desensitizing toothpastes : There are plenty of manufacturers out there and you might have to attempt a couple of to seek out one of the best product for your needs.
  • Use a mouthwash or rinse : Rinsing your mouth with a fluoridated mouthwash may help lower the danger of sensitivity or an infection.
  • Don’t grind your tooth : This wears down the enamel main to wreck and root publicity. Wear a mouth guard at night time if needed.
  • Avoid acidic foods : Consuming too many acid meals might ultimately dissolve the enamel on your tooth exposing the dentin.
  • Common dental visits : See your dentist for a verify up or cleaning every 6 months or so,

Remaining Ideas

  • An exposed nerve is often brought on by injury to the tooth or gums. There are a selection of causes including cracked or damaged tooth, gum infection or gum erosion.
  • It is vital that you simply see your dentist as quickly as potential to avoid infections or different problems.
  • Within the meantime, there are a selection of house cures which will assist ease your signs and stop infection taking maintain.
  • A number of the greatest house cures embrace saltwater, clove oil, thyme oil, garlic and pulling with sesame or coconut oil.

Have you ever ever tried any of these residence cures and  in that case how efficient did you discover them? when you have another residence treatment that you’ve used, please tell us about it and we will add it to our record.