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A Full List of ADHD Medications

This can be a full listing of drugs which are presently used for treating ADHD.  There isn’t very similar to this on-line, so hope it helps.

It’s written in plain English with (we hope!) a way of humor.  On the finish, we go over some widespread questions.

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For many who are involved they could have ADHD, see an ADHD Check Made for Adults.

Word: Focalin and Concerta and a number of other different drugs will not be given an entry of their very own

One Ritalin Pill

#1 Ritalin

Extraordinarily widespread – virtually a synonym for ADHD – Ritalin has been a star because it was made within the 1940s and named after a chemist’s love, “Rita.”

Ritalin’s technical identify is methylphenidate.

Ritalin acts on dopamine and norepinephrine, to dam reuptake from the area in between cells.  This will increase the quantity of time they keep there, which signifies that they activate signaling pathways for longer durations of time.

And meaning higher focus, motivation and a spotlight.

With remedy, as much as 70% of individuals with ADHD expertise vital profit from Ritalin.  The consequences may be superb, permitting regular dwelling for some – to repeat, it’s a highly effective treatment that may make regular dwelling attainable for some individuals.

One of the most important downsides to  immediate launch Ritalin – and all of the stimulants – is that the advantages solely final a matter of hours, from Three-6.  This will imply you must take a number of doses a day, which could be inconvenient.

That stated, there are longer launch varieties which give symptom aid for for much longer durations of occasions, so long as 12 hours or such.

Whereas the simplest remedy for ADHD, stimulants like Ritalin can have their justifiable share of uncomfortable side effects, nevertheless, together with nervousness, weight reduction, and probably even psychiatric points like triggering mania or psychosis.  Moreover, they will trigger coronary heart issues in in danger individuals.

As a result of Ritalin has a excessive potential for habit and abuse, it has the very best restriction attainable whereas nonetheless being extensively used – it’s a Schedule II drug.

Execs: With Adderall, Vyvanse and so forth, the simplest chemical remedy for ADHD

Cons: Probably critical unwanted effects, schedule II, determining dose schedule is usually a ache

Variants: Concerta, Focalin, Metadate, Daytrana

Blue Adderall XR Pill


#2) Adderall

Adderall has grow to be extraordinarily fashionable for treating ADHD since its introduction in 1996.  It’s a combine of a number of amphetamine salts and like Ritalin is a extremely efficient remedy.

Some research have proven that Adderall could also be barely simpler than Ritalin at treating some of the ADHD signs.  This benefit just isn’t established, however in all probability has to do with a barely totally different mechanism of motion.  One dose of on the spot launch Adderall, nevertheless, might final so long as two doses of prompt launch Ritalin.

Adderall may additionally have a barely totally different aspect impact profile than Ritalin.

In phrases of chemical motion – Adderall not solely blocks the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine by way of mobile pumps, it additionally goes contained in the cells and reverses the pumps.  So as an alternative of letting these chemical compounds in, and taking them away from “outside” the cells, it kicks them out.

Reversing the pumps might result in the construct up of free radicals, however no main research has analyzed whether or not this occurs or has a medical influence.

Adderall has the identical downsides as Ritalin, and can also be schedule II.

Execs: Amongst only remedy for ADHD

Cons: Probably critical unwanted side effects, schedule II, dosing is usually a ache

Variants: Adderall XR

Vyvanse Pills

#Three) Vyvanse

Vyvanse is a miracle of promoting and repackaging.  Basically, it’s nothing greater than Dexedrine, which has been round for a very long time and developed a nasty popularity because of its over-use as a weight loss plan capsule.

That stated, there’s something fairly good about Vyvanse/Dexedrine – it’s made solely from the d-type of amphetamine with none of the the l-type.  That is essential as a result of it’s fairly potential that the d-type is simpler and/or has much less of the unwanted effects of the l-type.

Adderall, against this, is a mix of d and l-amphetamines, which signifies that it extra might have extra of a kick in addition to extra or totally different unwanted side effects.  This combine might imply that Adderall might present extra of a “punch” so to talk.

That stated, Vyvanse has its justifiable share of unwanted effects, and none of the stimulants are totally protected medicine.

The great issues about Vyvanse embrace its fairly lengthy lasting impact, probably as much as 12 hours, and its considerably much less susceptibility to abuse.  It’s as efficient as Adderall and Ritalin for treating ADHD.

Execs: Amongst only remedy for ADHD

Cons: Probably critical unwanted effects, schedule II, dosing could be a ache

Guanfacine or Intuniv Tablets

#Four) Intuniv

Intuniv is a remedy that was initially used for decreasing blood strain and has  lately turn into extra trendy for treating ADHD, a use for which it was just lately accredited.  Intuniv is just about the other of the stimulants, which increase blood strain and stimulate the physique.

If it does the other of conventional remedy, why may it work?  The secret’s that Intuniv acts as an alpha-2 agonist.  Whereas activation of these receptors lowers blood strain, it might additionally serve to activate sure areas of the mind, particularly the prefrontal cortex, which means higher focus and a spotlight.

Intuniv is sort of a stronger Strattera, however hopefully avoids the issues of the stimulants, and should even be helpful together with them.  There are issues, of course.  As this weblog has famous, some of the trials which led to its approval had a surprisingly excessive price of individuals fainting – one thing like 5/262 members fainted.

That isn’t a superb aspect impact.  Moreover, remedy with Intuniv simply falls brief of sending ADHD into “remission.”

Different points probably embrace melancholy and blood strain issues.

Execs: Non-stimulant, could also be reasonably efficient

Cons: Probably critical uncomfortable side effects like fainting, much less efficient than stimulants.  Very new and untested.

Variants: Clonidine, Guanfacine, Intuniv



Bottle of Strattera

#5) Strattera

Strattera was “the only non-stimulant treatment approved for ADHD” till Intuniv got here onto the market in 2009.

Like Ritalin, Strattera additionally works on the norepinephrine chemical and prevents its removing from the area in between cells.  Regardless of an analogous mechanism of motion, it doesn’t have work instantly, nevertheless.  It might take as much as Eight weeks for Strattera to point out its full profit.

Strattera is meant to offer all day protection taken simply as soon as, however one research confirmed that taking a dose within the morning and at night time supplies the perfect launch.  That is nonetheless a big benefit over the stimulants.

The historical past of Strattera is considerably fascinating – it was initially examined to be used in melancholy, however didn’t appear to do a lot.  Researchers thought that its results on norepinephrine may need profit in treating ADHD, they usually have been proper.

Just like the antidepressants, Strattera does improve your danger of turning into suicidal, which is why it has a black field warning.

The research present that Strattera works, some say even in addition to Ritalin.  However these claims to efficacy appear considerably overstated, with many individuals saying that Strattera isn’t so efficient.

Strattera is value a attempt when stimulants fail or aren’t a good suggestion (say you’ve got critical nervousness or previous psychosis), but it additionally has some of their nasty negative effects.

Execs: “Non”-stimulant, long run protection

Cons: Suicidal ideation, will not be as efficient, costly, very long time to take impact




Provigil Pills

#6) Provigil or Modafanil

There’s fairly a buzz round Provigil, generic modafanil.  It retains sufficient of the amphetamine like conduct of Adderall to offer the kick wanted to deal with ADHD, whereas having a number of different chemical behaviors that, some argue, might make it much less addictive and fewer dangerous.

Provigil, for example, is just schedule IV, versus the very best restriction positioned on Ritalin and Adderall.

That stated, we don’t know so much about it.  Provigil might play with the dopamine receptor like Ritalin – or it won’t.  It’d simply improve ranges of dopamine by another mechanism.  That is essential as a result of the best way it interacts with dopamine might decide its potential for habit.

Different chemical behaviors of this drug?  Maintain your breath – it probably has GABA, serotonin, adrenergic, histaminergic and glutamanergic results.  That’s like half of the neuro-transmitters presently in vogue, and a few of them theoretically cancel one another out!  (Whereas there are a whole lot of neurotransmitters, as a result of of how little we all know, we principally fake there are solely about 10.  Hopefully, as we study extra, we’ll get much more efficient remedies with fewer unwanted side effects.)

Provigil is used, partially, for sleep apnea, narcolepsy and has been proposed for schizophrenia, which is beautiful, contemplating that conventional stimulants trigger psychosis, not deal with it.

As of now, nevertheless, Provigil isn’t permitted for treating ADHD, though it appears to have respectable efficacy in treating it.  (Some research have proven comparable efficacy to Ritalin, one – from the producer itself (!) – confirmed no efficacy, and so forth).  A main research making an attempt to approve it for ADHD in youngsters failed when a big quantity of youngsters developed pores and skin rashes.

So we don’t understand how nicely it really works.  And Provigil can also be extraordinarily costly, so enjoying round with it will possibly rack up a invoice.

Anticipate fascinating issues from this drug and its half-dozen chemical actions.

Execs: Could also be much less addictive, could also be as efficient as stimulants, schedule IV

Cons: Costly, new, not-approved for ADHD, not sufficient long-term use knowledge


Wellbutrin Bottle

#7) Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin is a unusually behaving antidepressant. It’s an alternate remedy for ADHD, though not permitted for that use like Strattera, and has been proven to be higher than placebo for treating ADHD.

That stated, Wellbutrin has solely a modest profit for ADHD, with some research displaying that it really works to a point and others displaying that it doesn’t actually work that nicely.

What it does is act as an inhibitor of reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine – to a point.  It additionally mimics them considerably, which is fascinating.  Chemically, Wellbutrin is ultimately transformed by the physique into some type of amphetamine, which could clarify why it has some influence for ADHD.

So it isn’t the most effective remedy for ADHD, however it’s used not-rarely.

Unwanted effects can embrace excessive nervousness.  We’re speaking probably about actually dangerous nervousness.  That stated, along with making you much less depressed, Wellbutrin may simply enable you to quit smoking – which is one other of its makes use of.

Execs: Reasonably efficient, full day protection

Cons: Excessive nervousness, not as efficient as stimulants, turns into amphetamines ultimately – so might have comparable issues


Tricyclic Antidepressant Structure

#Eight) The Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA)

The tricylcic class of antidepressants has been proven to have vital profit in treating ADHD, though not as robust because the stimulants.  They don’t seem to be so typically used as a result of of their critical potential for cardiac toxicity amongst different unwanted side effects.

The TCA’s profit for ADHD  is separate from their potential antidepressant impact.  That is highlighted by the truth that discount of some ADHD signs, particularly behavioral, might begin occurring in lower than every week, versus the Three-Four weeks it takes for the antidepressant impact.

(It’s an essential distinction to make since you might really feel just like the King of Morroco however nonetheless have vital ADHD signs.)

They’re many medicine within the TCA class.  Of them, desipramine could also be the most effective for ADHD, then imipramine.

That stated, it’s potential that different points like antagonistic conduct might emerge with remedy, which means that you simply change one set of signs for an additional.  Then again, remedy with TCAs might present virtually full-time protection.  You don’t have to take 5 doses a day, for example, as might occur with some types of Ritalin.

Word that newer antidepressants, particularly the selective serotonin reuptake inihibitors like Prozac and Zoloft haven’t proven comparable efficacy or advantages in treating ADHD.  This can be as a result of their extra particular conduct, and lack of impact on norepinephrine.

Execs: Modest efficacy, long run protection

Cons: Coronary heart toxicity, overdose risk, attainable new signs, not as efficient as stimulants


Risperdal tablets

#9) Risperdal

Risdperdal is a very fashionable tranquilizing antipsychotic.  It blocks dopamine receptors within the mind, decreasing the exercise of dopamine.  Cautious readers might marvel if that’s its chemical motion, then how can it deal with ADHD?

The reply is almost definitely as a result of Rispderal and its household of drugs, the antipsychotics, are tranquilizing and may induce a way of calm.  This may be helpful at night time along with commonplace remedy to assist go to sleep.

Use of antipsychotics as sole remedy for ADHD, nevertheless, is just not a regular medical selection.  It does, nevertheless, occur, which is unlucky.  Keep in mind, Risperdal has been permitted for remedy of agitation and aggression in autistic youngsters.  Its sedative results might make it engaging for treating youngsters who’ve ADHD and are a handful.

The dangers are vital.  Long run use of Risperdal might result in everlasting motion issues, excessive weight achieve, and diabetes.  And long run use of antipsychotics might make focus and a spotlight issues worse.

Execs: Sedating, might assist go to sleep, might assist achieve weight

Cons: Long run negative effects.  Is just about the precise reverse of conventional ADHD remedy

Variants: Any anti-psychotic class tranquilizer


People exercising

#10) Train

Train is extraordinarily useful for individuals who have ADHD.  Inside wholesome moderation, it has no unwanted side effects – although individuals taking stimulants must be cautious – and may truthfully be stated to be nature’s remedy for ADHD.  It relaxes the thoughts and physique, will increase focus, and improves temper.

One child was a deal with in class, however when his academics agreed to let him run across the schoolyard when he obtained stressed, did OK.  That child?  Winston Churchill, one of the best British leaders ever.

Train gained’t present full aid from ADHD signs and it isn’t an alternative to medicine.  However for individuals who have ADHD, it could possibly make life that a lot better.

Different Medicine of Curiosity: Pemoline or Cylert – a schedule IV drug with average ADHD efficacy.  Withdrawn in US from market on account of toxicity to liver.  Desoxyn – principally methamphetamine, not used actually because it’s essentialy the identical as the road drug “meth,” which has very dangerous associations

Selecting Between Ritalin, Adderall and Others

One of the most typical questions individuals have about ADHD remedy is, What’s higher?  Ritalin or Adderall?

The reply?  There isn’t any clear benefit anybody class of remedy has over the opposite.  Dr. Tuckman, a clinician who has handled a whole lot if not hundreds of sufferers and is Vice President of the world ADD Affiliation has this to say:

Roughly 1/Three of individuals with ADHD will reply greatest to an amphetamine sort medicine like Adderall or Vyvanse, roughly 1/Three will reply greatest to a Ritalin sort medicine like Ritalin and Focalin, and roughly 1/Three will reply equally properly to each.

Dr. Tuckman additionally emphasizes how essential it’s to have endurance.  He says that’s truly fairly fortunate to get the best dose on the primary attempt to that always you simply should attempt a number of doses out till you hit get it proper.

Prompt Launch or Prolonged Launch?

Most ADHD drugs come within the prompt launch or prolonged launch type.  An prompt launch capsule will sometimes final Three-5 hours, whereas an prolonged launch sometimes lasts Eight-12 hours.

It’s our more and more robust opinion that prolonged launch drugs might have superior outcomes than prompt launch.  This is because of smoother drug launch and fewer have to take treatment.  You get up and take a capsule and don’t need to take one other one at work or at college.

As an alternative of having spikes of drug degree, there’s a clean, steady launch over the course of the day.

Some research have proven that a considerably larger quantity of individuals will reply to prolonged launch remedy than to on the spot launch.  Additionally, some research have proven that folks favor prolonged launch remedy to immediate launch.

And in principle, prolonged launch formulations might scale back the danger for tolerance.

That stated, Eight-12 hours of exercise doesn’t cowl the entire day.  Some clinicians will prescribe an immediate launch to be taken at night time to offer protection for the entire day.  The danger, nevertheless, is that this may trigger insomnia.

On the consequences of a correct dose

On the proper dose, an ADHD treatment ought to have minimal influence on how you are feeling.  It modifications the way you expertise issues, the way you carry out, however shouldn’t change who you’re or make you are feeling bizarre.  The fitting dose is usually very delicate in its results.

The next is just not unusual – that somebody is on an ADHD treatment, feels it isn’t doing something, however when different individuals are requested, they see a serious change.

As such, one of the best individual to guage if a medicine is working is somebody who spends lots of time with you and doesn’t have ADHD him or herself.

As a result of the individual taking the treatment won’t really feel it on the proper dose – discovering the correct dose is usually a bit tough.  Docs have totally different approaches, however the one which feels most secure is to start out on the lowest and punctiliously work the best way up from there.

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