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Bael or Wood Apple: Health Benefits

Bael or Wood Apple is a very previous medicinal plant which additionally has its spiritual significance. In the Hindu tradition, the leaves are indispensable offerings to the ‘Lord Shiva’, subsequently it is found virtually all of the temple gardens. Although biological identify of wood apple is Aegle marmelos however it’s also recognized by the names of- Kaitha, Koovalam, Kothu, golden apple, quince, stone apple and so on.

In truth, the wood apple fruit tree is a subtropical species which grows wild in dry forests on hills and plains. Though it’s native of India but in addition spreads over Burma, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ceylon and northern Malaya.

The wooden apple plant is a medium measurement, slow-growing tree. Its fruit is nice, fragrant and astringent in nature and takes about 10- 11 months to ripen. Though, the outer part of the fruit is extraordinarily harsh, however the internal half consists of sentimental pulp and seeds. Bael is a fruit that is still protected for several days even after breaking the tree.

Use of Bael or Wood Apple :

Bael fruit or wood apple is excellent for digestive system; It protects the abdomen from many digestive issues, like- diarrhea, ulcers, dysentery, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and others. Subsequently embrace it in your day by day food regimen; you possibly can take it in several ways-

  • Wood apple is a summer time favourite fruit; its juice is an ideal drink to cool your self in summers. For making the juice, you possibly can squeeze the pulp of the fruit. Because of its pure sweetness, it doesn’t require further sugar.
  • One also can eat it in ripe type; or you make any dessert with bael fruit.
  • Bael fruit pulp can also be used to organize squash, marmalade, jelly, murabba, pickle and other eatables.
  • Equally, toffee can also be prepared with its pulp, sugar and skimmed milk.
  • Tender leaves of bael fruit can be included in salad type.

Dietary value of Bael:

The fruit of the wooden apple is filled with necessary nutrients. It’s a wealthy source of tannins and pectins which play an necessary position mainly in the remedy of diarrhea and dysentery. There’s numerous fiber in it. Moreover, beta-carotene, riboflavin, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, protein and iron are also out there in bael fruit. 100 gm of bael fruit incorporates 137 energy.

Medicinal Benefits of Bael:

Bael is a tremendous plant which is understood for its medicinal values because of its bio-chemical substances, comparable to alkaloids, antioxidants, polysaccharides and essential oils. Virtually all the elements of bael are useful to treat numerous illnesses like- piles, peptic ulcer, dysentery, tuberculosis, epilepsy, urinary issues and lots of more. Ayurveda has included this into the listing of ten essential primary herbs, with the help of which number of Ayurvedic medicines are made to treat numerous illnesses. For example, its leaves are good to regulate ache and roots are helpful to improve digestion. Similarly, flowers of bael are helpful to remedy diarrhea. Furthermore, the basis, leaves and bark are anti-inflammatory in nature and used to remedy inflammation too.

Briefly, bael fruit is among the greatest elements that may provide help to out with virtually all of the well being problems that you may face with the traditional functioning of your body. And its extract oil is used to remedy respiratory problems.

Health Benefits of Bael or Wood Apple:

1. Bael for Gastric Drawback:

Gastric ulcers are induced resulting from imbalance in the acidic degree in abdomen. Wood apple accommodates phenolic compounds (anti-oxidants) that assist to treat gastric ulcers. Truly, the interior lining is broken because of the long standing acidity drawback in abdomen which varieties ulcers. Bael fruit juice not solely cures these ulcers but in addition reduces acidity.

2. Bael for Diabetes:

Bael leaves are scientifically confirmed to have hypoglycemic and antioxidant properties. Extract of its leaves provides power to the pancreas which retains the insulin degree right and thus helps in controlling blood sugar degree.

Bael leaves

Merely, chew Four-5 wooden apple leaves each morning on an empty stomach commonly for an extended interval to regulate diabetes.

Or extract its juice and eat. To extract leaves juice, grind Eight-10 leaves and Four-5 black pepper corn with little water in the blender and eat. For higher outcomes, take its leaves with tulsi (basil) leaves.

Three. Good for Cholesterol:

Not only fruit however the leaves of wooden apple are additionally good to deal with many well being issues. Therapeutic value of its leaves helps in decreasing blood ldl cholesterol; merely chew 4-5 bael leaves on an empty stomach. Or you possibly can take one spoon juice of recent wooden apple leaves on an empty stomach every day. To extract the juice of leaves, grind some recent leaves of wood apple and extract the juice with a skinny cotton material.

4. Bael for Diarrhea and Cholera:

The unripe or half ripe fruit is sweet to remedy even continual diarrhea. As per a research revealed in BMC Complementary and Various Drugs in 2009, unripe bael fruit pulp accommodates antibacterial properties which will struggle towards bacterial an infection.

To treat diarrhea, one can take pulp of unripe fruit with jaggery. Nevertheless, it is higher to dry green unripe bael fruit in daylight. For this, chop the unripe fruit of wood apple into slices and hold in direct sunshine. After drying the slices properly, grind them to make positive powder and hold into an airtight jar. Now, eat this powder with jaggery to deal with diarrhea.

5. Cures Constipation:

Because of its laxative properties, ripe bael fruit can also be good to treat constipation. In case you are dealing with constipation often, eat bael fruit juice recurrently for 2-Three months during summers. It helps in cleaning the intestines and removing symptoms of constipation.

Or soak Three spoonful of pulp of bael fruit with 1 spoon tamarind (Imli) in a cup of for 2 hours. After two hours, mash it with fingertips and sieve; then add some mishri (rock sugar) and eat. Comply with this treatment recurrently for a while to get complete aid in constipation.

Bael fruit stays obtainable in summers and you may take it recurrently with mishri or black salt (as per taste).

6. Bael for Coronary heart Illness:

Bael for heart health

Bael fruit has been used to stop and deal with coronary heart illnesses from the centuries. Results of some studies show that regular consumption of bael fruit in certain quantity can scale back coronary heart issues to the extent of 50-60%. Subsequently, add the fruit in your day by day food regimen to treat warmth illnesses. You need to use its pulp with some clarified butter (ghee). It is going to work like a coronary heart tonic.

7. Wood Apple for Piles:

Wood apple accommodates tennin that helps to enhance intestinal exercise. Unripe fruit of wood apple helps to remedy piles and hemorrhoids. Its major element ‘tennin’ makes the bowel movement straightforward. Subsequently, put together a decoction of bael fruit pulp with some fennel seeds and ginger and eat lukewarm with honey

Eight. Protects Liver:

Bael can also be good for liver well being; it accommodates beta carotene, thiamine and riboflavin which helps in eliminating the liver issues. The regular consumption of bael fruit helps in eradicating the unnecessary and dangerous toxins from the body and thus clears the best way for the liver to carry out its features.

9. Good for Kidney:

Bael has the superb energy to take out the toxic aspect of the physique. Regular use of the bael provides kidney power and thus helps to beat the issues of urinary illnesses.

10. Wood Apple for Dysentery:

Wood apple fruit can also be very helpful in curing acute or continual dysentery when there’s definite sensation to defecate. You possibly can take murabba of bael fruit to remedy dysentery.

Or combine dry bael powder and coriander powder (½ spoon each) with 1 tsp of mishri and eat with water twice a day (morning and evening) to remedy dysentery; it is efficient even within the dysentery the place blood comes with stool.

In the same manner, decoction (kadha) of wooden apple can also be excellent to remedy dysentery. At first, gather dry bael powder, fennel seeds powder (3 tsp every) and dry ginger powder (2tsp); then add all the three into a glass of water. Boil it right into a pan till it becomes half. Now sieve it and drink lukewarm two occasions in a day.

11. Treats Scurvy :

Scurvy is a disease of deficiency in vitamin C. There’s an ample vitamin C in wood apple which will help to guard towards the pores and skin disease Scurvy too.

12. Treats Physique An infection:

As a result of its antimicrobial, anti viral and anti fungal properties, bael or wooden apple can also be good to treat numerous varieties of an infection in the physique.

13. Good for Skin:

Bael fruit is excellent for skin too; it’s also proved scientifically by many researches. You can also make its pack with aloe-vera and apply on your face to glow your pores and skin. Merely, mix the extract of wooden apple with honey, aloe vera, sandalwood powder and rose water in a bowl and apply on the face for 25-30 minutes. It’s believed that the psoralen and carotene in the pulp increases tolerance of daylight and aids in the maintaining of normal skin colour.

Furthermore, it’s also good to deal with Leucoderma or Vitiligo (white spots). With the regular use of bael fruit the white spots turned lighten and cured utterly.

14. Bael for Hair:

Bael fruit not only advantages the hair but in addition advantages in treating the scalp problems, as it’s wealthy in numerous nutrients and nutritional vitamins. Combine a number of the bael fruit extracts with coconut oil and almond oil after which apply this combination in your hair and scalp. Massage the combination for some time after which wash off your hair. Repeat doing the identical factor for twice every week for two months and see the bael fruit advantages for hair.

15. Controls Fever:

Bel fruit leaves are good to get aid in fever; extract its juice and eat with honey.

It is stated that wooden apple bark might help to remedy malaria too, although there’s not a lot evidence of it.

16. Good for New Mothers :

In case you are a new mother, will probably be very useful for you to drink bael juice. It is helpful in enhancing mom’s health in addition to enhances breast milk production.

17. Bael as Blood Cleanser :

Bael fruit is an effective diuretic that works as a blood cleanser. Common consumption of wood apple juice with some lukewarm water and honey will help to purify the blood.

18. Removes Inflammation :

Bael is anti-inflammatory in nature; use its extracts on uncovered space to take away irritation. A scorching poultice of the leaves can also be efficient to deal with numerous inflammations.

Aspect Results of Bael or Wood Apple :

Bael or wood apple fruit is useful should you take it in restricted amount. Over consumption of wood apple might trigger some hurt effects too. Subsequently, it is higher to seek the advice of with an skilled to know concerning the satisfactory quantity. As a result of its laxative and diuretic properties might trigger the decrease fee of respiration, depresses heart motion and causes sleepiness.
A few of the widespread negative effects of Bael fruit are-

  • Over consumption of bael might upset the stomach.
  • It could possibly additionally trigger some skin reactions.
  • Bael fruit may cause extreme liver damage which may even trigger dying.
  • Health And vitamin specialists stated that the one that are taking high blood strain drugs, shouldn’t take it.
  • Similarly, heart patients additionally seek the advice of their doctor before taking bael juice.
  • And the individual, who’re taking thyroid drugs, also needs to seek the advice of their doctor relating to its utilization.
  • In the same approach, it isn’t advisable to have its juice for constipation sufferers too.
  • The leaves of wood apple may cause abortion and sterility in ladies.