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Breadnut facts and health benefits

Breadnut Facts, health benefits & Nutrition

Breadnut Facts, health benefits & Nutrition

Breadnut Fast Facts



Scientific Identify:

Brosimum alicastrum


Papua New Guinea and probably the Moluccas (Indonesia) and the Philippines


Yellowish inexperienced and reddish orange when ripe


Oval or ovoid form and measure 10-15 cm lengthy by 7-12 cm large

Flesh colours

Yellow-whitish when ripened




587 Kcal./cup

Main vitamins

Copper (436.44%)

Carbohydrate (97.71%)

Iron (92.00%)

Tryptophan (85.00%)

Vitamin B6 (84.31%)

Health benefits

Assists to keep away from anemia, Help in blood clotting, Treats Dandruff, Itchiness & Hair Breakage, Avoids continual Pores and skin Irritation, Enhances the Immune System, Heals Pores and skin Illnesses, Appropriate For Sexual Improve, Dental hygiene, Avoids bone loss, Diabetes, Lowers the prospect of Cardiac Arrest, Resistance towards Infections, Aids digestion, Heals Rheumatoid Arthritis

Breadnut is legendary with many names such because the Maya nut, Ramon. Its scientific identify is Brosimum Alicastrum and is a tree species within the Moraceae household of flowering crops whose different genera embrace figs and mulberries. The plant is native to Papua New Guinea and probably the Moluccas (Indonesia) and the Philippines and can also be produced in surrounding nations. The humid lowland tropical forests which expertise heavy rainfall are the acceptable sort for its progress. The plant is understood by a variety of names in indigenous Mesoamerican and different languages, together with Maya nut, Snakewood, Ramon, Ojoche, Ujushte, Ramon tree, Breadnut, Janita, Muiratinga, Guamaro, Berba, Cacique, Nuez de pan, Castana, Kamansi, mei kakano, chataigne, katahar, dulugian, kolo, pakau, ugod,kelur, kulor, kulur, kuror and pana de pepitas. It has many benefits due to the contents of folic acid, zinc and B nutritional vitamins within the excessive ranges. It’s richly crammed with antioxidants and has a low glycemic index. It’s utilized as a vegetable in soups and usually eaten at a rising stage.  Regardless of the identify, it’s not a nut in any respect however quite a fruit.

Plant Description

Breadnut is a big, evergreen tropical tree that grows about 20-25 m in peak and trunk to 50-90 cm DBH, however it may well develop to a peak of as much as 35-40 m and 150 cm DBH.  The trunk is straight with sometimes well-developed buttresses. Upswept branches type a rounded or pyramid formed crown. The tree has tough, blackish-gray coloured bark, often with giant, sq. scales. Inner bark shows a sticky, rosy coloured sap or latex when in touch with air.


Breadnut tree bears alternate leaves which might be giant and measure something between 40 cm and 60 cm in size. Leaves are usually dissected having 4 to 6 pairs of lobes along with sinuses which might be minimize virtually to the center of the midrib. New leaves on comparatively youthful timber might typically be 76 cm lengthy or typically even longer. Leaves are compactly pubescent and have a number of white-hued or reddish white hairs on their higher in addition to decrease veins, beneath floor in addition to petiole. Blade of the breadnut tree has a pale inexperienced hue with greenish veins. Bud is enclosed by two giant green-hued stipules, whose shade modifications to yellow previous to dehiscing.


Flowers of breadnut are monoecious in nature and they seem on the terminal of the branches. The male inflorescence seems first adopted by the feminine inflorescence. Male flowers are formed like golf equipment and measure a most of three cm throughout, whereas they could be something between 25 cm and 35 cm in size or typically even longer. However, the feminine inflorescence includes numerous lowered flowers (something between 1500 and 2000) which are hooked up to a delicate sponge-like core. Totally different from the flowers of the breadfruit tree, the inflorescences of the breadnut tree are free and don’t fuse all alongside their size.


Fruits of breadnut are giant syncarp that could be very fleshy. They’ve an oval or ovoid form and measure about 10-15 cm lengthy by 7-12 cm large and every fruit weighs roughly 800 grams. The colour of the fruit’s pores and skin might range from pale inexperienced to greenish-yellow when they’re ripe. Texture of those fruits is considerably spiny that’s attributed to the lengthy, pointed, versatile ideas of the plant’s flowers. Pulp of the fruit is scanty and its hue modifications of yellow-whitish when ripened. They’ve a candy taste and aroma when ripe. Every breadnut fruit encloses about 12 to 150 seeds that could be flattened or rounded. Seeds are skinny and measure roughly 2.5 cm in size. Exterior seed coat has a pale brown colour and is ornate with darker veins. Every seed weight something between 7 grams to 10 grams and make up about 30 % to 50 % of the entire weight of the fruit. Its seeds and leaves could also be used for meals and forage, and a number of medicines and drinks might be produced from elements of the tree.

Health benefits of Breadnuts

Breadnut is common for its wealthy wholesome elements. It’s a brimming filled with necessary fibers reminiscent of B-complex, vitamin A, C, calcium, and others which give a pristine working of the physique organs. Being excessive in Zinc it’s preferable between many males who’re making an attempt for decreasing Zinc deficiencies within the more healthy technique. Listed under are a number of the fashionable health benefits of breadnuts

1. Heals Rheumatoid Arthritis

Histidine property observed in Breadnut acquired the effecting ache relieving qualities upon that are important in therapeutic rheumatoid arthritis. Its efficiency has been supported by numerous researches which detect it exceedingly useful in decreasing the allergic signs within the prophylaxis of low RBC and Hemoglobin ranges within the blood.

2. Aids digestion

Dietary fiber present in breadnut helps to empty the poisonous property from the gut, serving to within the rightful working of the bowel and intestines. It avoids metabolism-related sickness reminiscent of heartburn, acidity, ulcer and gastritis, destroying poisonous substances from the intestine. Breadfruit guards the colon’s mucous community by siphoning off cancer-inducing chemical compounds from the colon tract.

three. Resistance towards Infections

Breadfruit consists of abundance quantity of antioxidants, which aids the physique to develop preventing in the direction of infections viral exercise. It additionally destroys harmful free radicals from the physique that contributed to growing older and different age-related sickness.

four. Lowers the prospect of Cardiac Arrest

Breadnut consists of excellent quantity of Histidine which is sort of supporting for loosening of the blood veins, in impact has been trusted to scale back the higher probability of coronary heart issues. Breadfruit additionally consists of potassium. This heart-effective vitamin helps to lowers blood flows within the physique and management the guts beat by decreasing the danger of sodium. It provides electrical impulse that permeates muscular contraction within the skeletal community reminiscent of the guts.

5. Diabetes

Dietary fiber in breadnut delays the digestion of glucose from the meal we consumed, thus regulating diabetes. It additionally consists of drugs, that are needed for pancreas for assimilating insulin within the physique. Breadnut can also be excessive in manganese, one other necessary micronutrient that could be very advantageous for the human physique, although wanted in scale back quantity. Manganese has proven and detected its potential within the regulating of the blood glucose ranges within the physique. Manganese will increase the traditional working of the pancreas, by growing regular and acquired injection of insulin to manage and de-assimilate sugar within the physique.

6. Avoids bone loss

Fruit’s consists of excessive quantity of magnesium that helps to advertise the perform of calcium to develop and improve bones. Analysis has confirmed that those that eat meals wealthy in potassium and magnesium have bigger bone density detection and wholesome bones associated to those that didn’t.

7. Dental hygiene

Consuming boiled breadnut can help to alleviate a toothache. Spreading mashed breadnut on the tongue may also heal gum infections.

eight. Appropriate For Sexual Improve

As talked about earlier than the fruit consists of excellent quantity of histidine. This amino acid functioned significantly for the sexual enhancement. Acquiring it from a local supply like breadnut occurs to be richly advantageous than the laboratory produced amino acids. Consuming it on a periodical foundation aids alleviate a few of your sexual worries.

9. Heals Pores and skin Illnesses

Latex of the breadnut tree might be unfold evenly on pores and skin surfaces affected by pores and skin illnesses like eczema, psoriasis, and irritation.

10. Enhances the Immune System

Breadnut consists of excellent quantity of Vitamin-C, a local antioxidant which heals sufferers out of damage. It aids to develop the physique immune system with the help of ascorbic acid which is its necessary dietary substances. It assaults again the virus till it eliminating it off and thus, it regulates the immunity ranges to realize a greater working.

11. Avoids continual Pores and skin Irritation

Recent breadnut essence might help to lowered pointless irritation. It delays the expansion of pro-inflammatory enzymes and avoids the massive manufacturing of nitric oxides, thus avoiding pointless irritation.

12. Treats Dandruff, Itchiness & Hair Breakage

Breadnut is a superb origin of omega three and omega 6 fatty acids, which natively moist the hair, decreasing hair break down. Fatty acids observed in breadnut management the substances course of within the scalp, decreasing dandruff and allergic. It additionally hinders scalp infections and cell demise, avoiding hair loss.

13. Help in blood clotting

The fruit additionally consist of excellent quantity of calcium, a mineral which isn’t solely advantageous to bones but in addition performs an lively involvement in blood clotting. Embrace it in your eating regimen for useful outcomes.

14. Assists to keep away from anemia

Consuming this useful fruit can help so as to add the iron complement within the physique to avoids the rare blood sickness specifically anemia.

Conventional makes use of and benefits of breadnuts

  • There’s a perception in Yucatan that if the seeds are eaten by nursing ladies the circulate of milk is elevated.
  • Latex is combined with water, warmed and drunk as a remedy for dry coughs and for itchy sore throat.
  • Latex is utilized instantly on sores within the mouth and different elements of the physique for therapeutic.
  • Fruits, leaves, latex and bark of B. alicastrum are all used pharmaceutically in numerous elements of Mexico.
  • Leaf infusions are used as cough suppressants and within the remedy of Kidney illnesses.
  • Diluted latex is used to assist the extraction of tooth.
  • Tonic created from bark can also be used to deal with chest pains and bronchial asthma.
  • Additionally it is helpful in decreasing allergic reactions, particularly within the prophylaxis of low purple blood cells (erythrocytes) in addition to the hemoglobin ranges within the blood.
  • Sap of this tree is used to remedy bronchial asthma and anemia in Central American and South American nations.

Culinary Makes use of

  • Uncooked seed has some bitterness, while the roasted seed develops a nutty, cacao-like taste.
  • Seed may also be boiled and mashed like potatoes, or made into juice and marmalade.
  • Floor up seeds could be made right into a mash to combine with corn when making tortillas.
  • When steeped in water, the seeds make a coffee-like beverage.
  • Milky latex, which flows freely when the trunk is reduce, resembles cream and when diluted with water is claimed to afford an alternative to cow’s milk.
  • Latex can also be combined with chicle.
  • In lots of situations seeds have been boiled, mashed and eaten as an alternative to root crops.
  • Dessert was additionally made by combining the bottom seeds with honey.
  • Floor seeds may also be added to chilly milk together with sugar to organize a nutritious milk shake.
  • It’s reported that the cream like latex might be combined with water and used as a passable milk substitute.
  • Flesh and seeds of the breadnut are sometimes made right into a curry and cooked with coconut milk.
  • Usually, individuals eat the fruit when it’s nonetheless unripe. They minimize the fruits into skinny slices and boil them in soups.

Different facts

  • Good forage plant for home animals.
  • Leaves and branches minimize for fodder for horses and mules.
  • Latex is obtained from the stems. It’s typically combined with chicle to make chewing gum.
  • Heartwood is a yellowish to darkish brown, tinged with purple round knots and different defects; the thick band of sapwood is yellowish to just about white.
  • Wooden is tough, heavy, very robust, robust, not very sturdy, being notably weak to insect assault.
  • Wooden is used for common development, carpentry, flooring, furnishings, cupboard making and so on.
  • Its wooden is essential in quite a lot of native makes use of, akin to in inside carpentry and development, and easy furnishings, particleboard, plywood, types, lasts, saddles, instruments, and sports activities gear.
  • Wooden can also be used for firewood and charcoal.
  • Fruit yield vary from 50-75 kg/tree.
  • Wooden can also be used for gasoline by many rural Mexicans.
  • It’s planted as a decorative plant across the residence.
  • It’s utilized in Southern Veracruz as a dwelling fence and in a number of areas as a shade tree in espresso plantations.
  • Tree produces as much as 800 fruits a yr!
  • When the shares of maize run low, the Mayan individuals use the seeds of this plant to make their native bread.

Curry Chataigne ( breadnut)

Curry Chataigne


  • 2 medium chataigne ( breadnut) or three small
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 pimento peppers, chopped
  • four cloves garlic, chopped
  • three tbsp curry
  • 1 tsp geera powder
  • half tsp saffron  (turmeric) powder
  • 1 tsp amchar masala
  • 2 tbsp inexperienced seasoning
  • three/four cup coconut powder (about 75g)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 half tsp salt
  • Water


  1. Rub a little bit of oil in your palms. This can forestall your arms from getting sticky.
  2. Peel the thick outer pores and skin.
  3. Minimize into quarters and take away the guts.
  4. Separate the seeds from the flesh.
  5. Chop the chataigne flesh finely
  6. Whenever you’re separating the seeds attempt to depart the flesh intact. This can make chopping it finely a lot simpler.
  7. Take away the pores and skin from the seed.
  8. Place in a big bowl of water and wash
  9. Combine the curry, masala, inexperienced seasoning, geera, and turmeric with four tbsp of water.
  10. Warmth oil and saute garlic, pimento peppers and onion.
  11. Add the curry combination and permit decreasing to an virtually sticky paste.
  12. Add the chataigne.
  13. Coat evenly with the curry and add salt to style.
  14. Combine the coconut powder in 1 cup of water.
  15. Add to chataigne and simmer for 1 minute.
  16. Strain prepare dinner for six – eight minutes. The dish is prepared.
















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