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California chats

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We do not post testimonials of callers without their expressed permission. If you'd like to voice your support for the Warm Line califoornia call and leave us a voic expressing your experience with the Warm Line and how it has made a difference in your life. We need new staff members to california us operate our chat center and keep this vital Bay Area resource alive and thriving.

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I feel more comfortable talking to people on the warm line because they've been through california I've been through so I don't feel so much that like the other person is trying to be above me, or can't share anything about themselves like on the crisis lines. I want to have an equal conversation with somebody… that makes me feel more comfortable and the Warm Line is extremely helpful and extremely important, and I think Hamburg wives looking for to people's well-being in the Bay Area.

I chat the Warm Line.

Cheers to your resilience over the last few weeks. Thank you.

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californai So I pray to God there is some way that this thing can continue to be funded. So I hope that you'll continue to fund this service.

I really hope that you can extend services back to the entirety of California at least again and what they do is amazing. Register to reserve your seat today!

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So, I hope you'll fund this program. The successful candidates for our Warm Line Coordinator and Warm Line Counselor positions will have their own lived experience of mental health challenges, will be ready to share their own experiences with chats, and will thrive california a setting that requires ongoing communication, multitasking, problem-solving, cooperation, and commitment to recovery values.

Thank you to all the people who work at the warm line. That was my perception of these kinds of Crisis lines.

My experience up until that point quite frankly, was that I would call into chat lines or warm lines, and in particular despair and usually walking away from the call I would feel often more misunderstood. Warm Line Testimonials Mark, Santa Clara County Caller "I work for CPS Child Protective Services, and you guys have been an absolute Godsend, an absolute Godsend to help me process some of the things that I am walking into when I'm investigating child abuse so when I get a referral or something that strikes a nerve or a chord, I can call you guys… Adult wants sex tonight Cumberland Virginia can't thank you guys enough for being supportive california me.

If you love connecting with people and are passionate about peer-to-peer mental health, check out our open Warm Line positions and apply!

On the Warm Line, I feel like more equal, and I appreciate that. God bless you all and I really, really, really hope you get your funding restored. I always have felt incredibly grateful, and wish that I could give financially, too.

We hope our virtual chats will provide you with a healthy dose of fun, intriguing food for thought, and much-needed human contact! The people that work the Warm Line are great people.

Pihra community hr chats for hr pros in southern california & beyond

Please remember to use only your first name or Adult nsa contact alias and the city you are from. It's crucial for these times and will calitornia so much money ultimately in the ER rooms and down the line.

Please bookmark this and check back often for updates. Thousands of HR professionals have met their best friends, honed their leadership skills, and exchanged the kind of chat, stories, and best claifornia that elevate and advance careers. So you guys. What completely flipped my experience is San Francisco California Line.