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Having a Special Needs Child and a Visit to Disney World

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What’s a Special Needs Child?

Many occasions as a dad or mum I’m requested what’s a particular wants baby, shouldn’t they’ve a bodily handicap?  Many individuals take a look at a particular wants baby as a youngster that’s misbehaved, impulsive, impolite, and undisciplined by their mother and father, however the fact is, there’s extra to it than that.  In accordance to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of particular wants is “any of various difficulties (such as a physical, emotional, behavioral, or learning disability or impairment) that causes an individual to require additional or specialized services or accommodations (such as in education or recreation) students with special needs.”

As a father or mother of a particular wants youngster who was born 13 weeks early, weighing 1lb 10oz and spending virtually six months within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, I perceive the difficulties that many mother and father face.  My son had a 5% probability of survival at start, he had one functioning kidney and odds towards his survival with out a number of disabilities.  We had prayer warriors praying worldwide for his restoration and they labored! He was discharged from the NICU after virtually six months on around the clock oxygen, 18 doses of various drugs per day, two totally different sorts of respiration remedy per day each three hours, tube feedings each three hours, a number of physician’s appointments through the week, speech, bodily, and occupational remedy at residence every day, and BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia).  In accordance to the American Lung Affiliation, bronchopulmonary dysplasia is “a form of chronic lung disease that affects newborns (mostly premature) and infants. It results from damage to the lungs caused by mechanical ventilation (respirator) and long-term use of oxygen. Most infants recover from BPD, but some may have long-term breathing difficulty.”

As we speak Kaleb has overcome all of the well being challenges that he was born with and defied all odds.  He’s wholesome, regardless of having just one kidney and tiny lungs.  He will get dehydrated shortly if he isn’t consuming loads of fluids, however aside from that bodily he’s doing superb and catching up together with his weight.  Since he began VPK (Voluntary pre-kindergarten) it was found that he had a studying incapacity however he was too younger to decide what sort it was.  He has problem studying, however apart from that, he’s very clever, artistic, inventive, and spirited.  He attends the mainstream faculty together with his friends but in addition takes courses to improve his studying challenges.

Disney Expertise

Why is all this related?  Nicely, let me share my current expertise visiting Disney World for my son’s birthday weekend celebration.  First and foremost, the Disney staff except for one have been superb, they understand how to work with particular wants youngsters.  They entertained my son’s questions and made his expertise enjoyable.  Now for some visitors that was not the case.  Our day began with a pal of ours gifting us tickets to The Magic Kingdom for Kaleb’s birthday, we have been so touched!  We had a nice begin to our day ready till we have been underneath the purple umbrella that claims Disney World so as to announce to our son that this was his birthday shock.  He loved strolling round, driving the tram, monorail, and the steam engine practice.  We rode a number of rides in Fantasy Land and he had a nice time.

We arrived on the seven dwarf’s journey, now he had seen this experience and knew it was a bit tough, however age applicable for the little ones.  He was very excited regardless of the 65-minute wait.  We chatted with him concerning the journey and his expertise within the park and anything that we might consider to maintain him distracted from the lengthy wait.  There was a lady in entrance of us, wearing a striped lengthy sleeve gown with fancy sandals.  I assumed it was a bit dressy for my style at a theme park, however who am I to decide anybody proper?  “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” Matthew 7:1.  As we waited for her husband and two daughters labored their means by way of the center of the road with ice cream and “excuse me’s.”  As all little boys do, my son was enjoying with the interactive diamonds that the park had for the youngsters to play with amongst different issues like leaping,  making jokes, and simply being a child.  After 30 minutes of ready in line, the lady got here proper up to me area in my face (any nearer and she can be kissing me!) and stated, “my kids have been knocking into me as they get bored on the line and I don’t like it, so please take control of your son and do not have him knock into me as I do not tolerate that.  Wow, all he had done was accidentally bump into her once as she was standing there and he was moving around as all kids do.  The next 35 minutes I had to hold his hand and keep reminding him of what the woman stated so that he could avoid bumping into her.  Thankfully they split our group up and she was not on the same train for the ride and we never saw her again.


As we walked around Liberty Square, there were some photo opportunities, one being the prisoner picture.  My son immediately ran to this in the square to get his picture taken there.  There was a woman that was walking toward it and she paused with her friend to allow me to take a picture of my son.  When I walked around to take the picture, the older gentleman taking the picture of his older daughter who allowed us to get on the platform after my son left, stated, “you know your son cut the line.”  I apologized and indicated I used to be not conscious and he walked away shaking his head at us.

Our third incident was once we stopped at Peco’s to eat.  We have been taking a look at all of the rooms to discover a place to sit and eat, we caught sight of 1 desk in a room however the friends had simply left and that they had left all of the trays and trash there.  There was a lady hostess standing there and as I approached her with my son and my husband I used to be about to ask her if she might clear that desk for us in order that we might sit down and eat.  She checked out me with appears that would kill, I stated I used to be solely going to ask if she might clear the desk and as I began to ask, she walked away from us.  We ate our dinner and watched as one other worker greeted everybody, waived to friends, and provided her help to friends.  I assumed to myself, I want I had that forged member earlier.  We ate our dinner, however as we collected our belongings, I began to really feel prefer it was simply my husband and me taking good care of my son and as if we didn’t have a good friend who might ever perceive what we have been going by way of with a particular wants youngster.  I felt alone for the primary time in our 9 yr journey and questioned what would turn out to be of our lives and our son’s life.

The fourth incident was on the Emporium retailer the place a Disney Forged member waited on us as my son took three little toys that he chosen for his birthday present one from us, one from his grandma, and one from his financial savings, to buy.  We had bought two different gadgets for ourselves and a forged member got here to help the cashier with putting the gadgets within the bag to assist out, and my son requested politely if he might have his toys in a separate bag.  The forged member said that she was by no means that spoiled to get three gadgets for her birthday when she was rising up.  Kaleb, my son, replied to her that this was his birthday presents from his mother and dad and grandma.  The lady shortly modified her tune as she heard this rationalization from this spirited youngster.


I did get many compliments on my Disney Dalmatians shirt that’s a few years previous!  Individuals stored asking the place did I get that from!

Time to Go Residence A Good Night time was Had By All or Was It?

Lastly, it’s time to get on the tram automotive to get to the parking zone.  As we patiently waited on the lengthy strains, the 4th tram automotive got here by.  Kaleb instantly ran to the primary automotive, we have been in-between lanes and perhaps he ought to have run to the 2nd tram door, however he ran to the primary one ( which has two rows of seating anyway).  As we went in a lady behind us indicated that this was her automotive and we should always have been within the second automotive not the primary one, however the tram personnel spoke over the loudspeaker to shortly take your seat.  We took our seat and as she got here in together with her younger daughter, husband, and grandbaby and stroller (which took up about four seats 2 in entrance and two behind due to the stroller measurement) she rammed the stroller into my son’s leg and he stated “ow that hurt” there was no apology, excuse me, and she gave us a look of anger.  I attempted to catch her eyes, however she wouldn’t catch my eye.  In fact, Kaleb being the pleasant completely happy boy that he’s was singing the track from the Carousel of Progress, “There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
shining at the end of every day.”  This appeared to annoy her extra.  As different visitors commented on his joyful go fortunate conduct particularly since they heard this lady complain that we have been in her automotive that seated 5 individuals per row and together with her household, my son and myself there have been 6 complete as a result of she sat within the middles blocking anybody else from occupying the opposite four seats due to the stroller the best way she positioned it.  My husband sat within the subsequent tram automotive in order not to trigger any extra frustration. We have been within the final parking zone so we had a few stops.  On the second to final cease, the tram automotive stopped and because the household exited, my son stated, “have a good night” as he didn’t obtain a response, he repeated the sentence till the daughter checked out him and simply nodded, however the grandmother by no means acknowledged him.

You could ask once more, what’s the level of sharing these experiences.  To start with to make these people that don’t have a particular wants youngster conscious that though somebody might not seem like they’ve a bodily incapacity, that they could not have one other sort of incapacity that isn’t recognized to you.  The kid might have a studying incapacity, consideration deficit dysfunction, hyperactivity, dyslexia, or another disabilities which might be typically chalked up to dangerous conduct.  Simply keep in mind that a Studying Incapacity is just not a psychological sickness, it stems from a neurologically-based drawback which on this occasion for Kaleb being born 13 weeks untimely.

Fortunately the Forged Members at Disney on all of the rides and locations we went to acquired my son with open arms, excessive fives’ and have a magical day!  The one forged member at Peco’s that was impolite to us, properly, I can say perhaps she was having a dangerous day, and we’ll chalk it up to that. Disney continues to be really a magical place the place a youngster it doesn’t matter what age, what incapacity bodily, or studying they’ve, can nonetheless be a child and mother and father can relaxation assured that their youngster could have enjoyable.