Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth Book Review

Which edition of Indian polity by Laxmikant is best?

Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth

It is one of the most famous and comprehensive books on the subject and has been a consistent bestseller for many years. It is a must-read book for aspirants appearing in various competitive examinations, especially the civil services examinations.


Which book is best for polity?

5 Books to Study Indian Polity for IAS Prelims Exam

  1. Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations – M. Laxmikanth. …
  2. Important Judgments that Transformed India – Alex Andrews George. …
  3. Introduction to the Constitution of India – Durga Das Basu. …
  4. Our Constitution Paperback – Subhash C. Kashyap. …
  5. Our Parliament – Subhash Kashyap.


What is meant by Indian polity?

Indian polity is a kind of system which followed in India for governing nation. It gives the knowledge of Indian Constitution, working of legislature, executive and judiciary.

Download – Indian Polity 4th Edition

Who is the father of Indian polity?

  1. R. Ambedkar was a wise constitutional expert, he had studied the constitutions of about 60 countries. Ambedkar is recognised as the “Fatherof the Constitution of India“. In the constitution assembly, a member of the drafting committee, T. T


What is Indian polity and governance?

Indian Polity Governance” is one of the important parts of Exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC and other similar competitive exams. Jagranjosh.com presents a complete set of Indian Polity Governance in the form of Practice sets which consist of 500+MCQs.


How many chapters are there in laxmikanth polity?

How many chapters are there in Laxmikanth polity? There are 75+ chapters in the Indian Polity book by M. Laxmikanth.


What is the difference between policy and governance?

As nouns the difference between governance and policy

is that governance is the process, or the power, of governing; government or administration while policy is (obsolete) the art of governance; political science or policy can be a contract of insurance.