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Journey of Souls

Book-Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Ebook Assessment: Journey of Souls: Case Research of Life between Lives

by Michael Newton, PH.D.  Assessment by Dr. Denice Moffat


Book-Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

E-book Evaluate:Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Dr. Michael Newton, a licensed Grasp Hypnotherapist and initially a self-proclaimed atheist, started regressing shoppers in his apply to entry reminiscences of former lives.

He wasn’t ready for the truth that some of these shoppers started describing what was occurring BETWEEN lifetimes. His curiosity piqued. He ultimately restricted his apply solely to discovering what was occurring to souls between lives, regressing tons of of sufferers and asking as many questions over a interval of many years.

After creating and refining many of the methods utilized in his apply, ultimately he wrote, in a case-study style, three books on these subjects answering questions one doesn’t even dream to ask. That is the primary of the three books. His third guide is for the practitioner describing his regression methods and how one can use them in their very own practices.

Michael’s journey began when a shopper got here to see him about continual ache in his proper aspect. Underneath hypnosis to accentuate the ache (a way used to handle ache utilizing hypnosis) the affected person uncovered a former life in World Conflict I as a soldier in France who was killed by a bayonet. Dr. Newton found that continual, unresolved and  psychosomatic sicknesses on this lifetime are sometimes a outcome of previous life points. Typically the method of regression permits the difficulty to dissipate on this lifetime.

It didn’t take lengthy for Dr. Newton to understand that our deep-seated reminiscences supply a set of previous experiences too actual to be ignored. His subsequent affected person enticed him to ask extra questions within the space of life between lives quite inadvertently by asking her if she missed a gaggle of pals. The affected person, breaking into tears replied, “I miss some friends in my group and that’s why I get so lonely on Earth.” After questioning her additional about the place this group of associates was truly situated, she replied, “Here, in my permanent home.”

I assumed you’d be fascinated by a snippet of a case that Dr. Newton writes about on this first e-book.

From the Demise and Departure Chapter 1: “I’m rising up higher . . . still floating . . .looking back at my body. It’s like watching a movie, only I’m in it! The doctor is comforting my wife and daughter. My wife is sobbing (subject wiggles with discomfort in his chair). I’m trying to reach into her mind. . .to tell her everything is all right with me. . .I want her to know my suffering is gone.”

Chapters 2 and Three describe what occurs when you go to the sunshine and thru the tunnel into the spirit world. Who meets you on the opposite aspect? Relations? Associates? Are you alone? What guides you to go to a spot the place you possibly can veg out for a bit earlier than getting again to work in that massive classroom within the sky? Who’re these Guides who watch over you your whole life?

On suicide: Though there isn’t a such factor as punishment on the opposite aspect, your guides and soul group make it recognized that they don’t seem to be proud of you in the event you’ve determined to shorten your personal life via the method of suicide. An exception right here is when a physique is in continual bodily ache. The soul, when suicide occurs, spends time in a therapeutic room the place the soul is repaired and rejuvenated earlier than the subsequent journey down. Development of the soul’s journey is slowed with suicide.

Chapter four is a well-liked chapter containing a number of case research of shoppers who reply questions like what occurs to murderers and different disturbed souls who’ve carried out evil acts in a lifetime? What in the event you don’t settle for the truth that you’ve died (ghosts). It discusses these souls that don’t go to the Mild and the way that each one shakes down. Dr. Newton’s topics clarify that no soul is inherently evil and that always souls shall be broken by poor life decisions. Some souls spend a LOT of time alone earlier than being re-integrated to a gaggle setting. They don’t progress in a short time. Is there a hell?

Dr. Newton notes that when his intrusion right into a soul’s journey appears clumsy or pointless, the soul’s guides will block a topic’s response with silence or reply in obscure metaphoric language. Dr. Newton has developed many tips through the years on find out how to regress a soul most successfully and the way greatest to ask inquiries to get the solutions the shopper got here for. These methods are written up in his third ebook on the subject, Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Religious Regression.

Dr. Newton realized through the first years of doing this sort of work that there are youthful souls and extra superior souls and that the soul will emanate sure colours or auras relying on the development of the soul. He notes that a soul group or pod of souls often has an identical shade and doesn’t typically work together with different colours until it’s for educating functions. Development doesn’t make one soul “better” than one other.

Everybody on the opposite aspect is devoted to serving to one another. There isn’t any judgment, no unwell emotions in the direction of each other (even when they’ve given you a very terrible time on this lifetime) and an infinite quantity of endurance. Souls general are involved with the development of ALL souls and are very devoted to this course of.

When requested about seeing God, I didn’t learn one case research within the two books I learn written by him that stated that they had seen God, though many souls said that they knew God or a better energy existed and will really feel the power of a Greater Energy and that it was innately recognized that a Greater Energy existed.

Most souls selecting to return to Earth maintain returning to Earth as a result of it’s simply too troublesome to vary instructions and study a brand new planet after you have spent a number of lifetimes in a single place. Souls are allowed to trip on different planets between lifetimes. The soul feels that by switching planets, it stagnates the progress of the soul. All souls Dr. Newton talked to about this felt that incarnating on multiple planet slowed down their religious development.

Apparently we get to decide on what classes we’ll give attention to once we incarnate, the place we will probably be on the planet and which folks we could have. We’re capable of go to an IMAX sort of film theatre earlier than delivery the place we see snippets of our lives and what they may or might accomplish within the pre-planning stage. We then get to work together with different souls and work out a recreation plan and again up plans for undertaking our objectives.

Main gamers in our lives set off unconscious reminiscences of what they appear, act and odor like in order that we cease and spend extra time with these souls upon reincarnating. We spend a lot time on the opposite aspect memorizing these particular cues in order that we don’t miss our connections after reincarnating as a result of we all know we overlook most every part from this pre-screening expertise as soon as we slip into the infants mind and combine with them. We get to decide on the our bodies we enter, even matching character flaws with temperament for particular progress patterns. Apparently the soul enters the infant between Three-9 months in utero and melds with the infant’s mind. (This half of the e-book was a bit of a attain for me.)

If it’s so good on the opposite aspect, then why would souls simply not select to remain there? Nicely, individuals select to reincarnate as a result of and not using a physique their research take longer to perform states Dr. Newton. One purpose why individuals select our bodies with bodily challenges is that they will spiritually speed up the tempo of their classes.

What about deep-seated household points? There are religious causes for our being raised as youngsters round sure sorts of individuals, simply as different individuals are designated to be close to sure adults. Gee, if we solely knew why we needed to endure some of this stuff! Why can’t it’s extra apparent? Perhaps we simply don’t perceive the large image right here. Apparently the spirit world is the middle of divine compassion. I do know many of you’re considering that if it’s so compassionate, couldn’t they make issues a bit simpler down right here?

When individuals speak of probability, happenstance or impulses, or meet essential contacts which have shifted their life paths and life decisions these are usually not probability happenings. These are pre-determined previous to start.

Dr. Newton’s topics inform him that the shock of being born is rather more jarring than the demise course of. I feel that people who find themselves afraid of dying and that maintain on to the very finish actually simply haven’t remembered the place they got here from and the place they’re going again to. Worry of the unknown. In fact typically they don’t return, however that’s a subject for a future publication.

Journey of Souls has been transcribed into ten languages. It’s fairly the thoughts stretcher. I get the impression, though it’s not apparent, that being concerned on this work has reworked Dr. Newton’s atheistic choice. For many who are afraid of demise and dying or are questioning why all types of “bad stuff” occurs to you on this lifetime, this e-book might offer you some perception and solutions.

As a aspect observe, once I select and skim a e-book, I select books for one of the best use of my time and for the truthfulness of the ebook by means of the use of muscle testing. If the reality of the guide is lower than 70%, it isn’t value my time in making an attempt to determine what’s actual and what’s “Memorex” if you understand what I imply. And the ebook must vibrate a pair hundred factors greater than the vibration of the current world (210). For something vibrating over 500, an individual can obtain a therapeutic simply by studying it or being within the room with that individual, sound, or object in accordance Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness (from his e-book Energy vs. Drive in case you’re ). Journey of Soul’s exams out as 88% fact and it vibrates at 520. That was ok for me to learn it.

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