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If the kiss went on for a while, pulling away ddare then giving a light, short kiss is a good way to end it. He is said to be quite a dare, having a different girl on a date every week and sometimes not even that long but he shows an interest in Cat.

At the end of the series Cat is dating a boy called Jamie. In the first book she kisses Ollie.

Truth or dare kiss: how i dared my crush to kiss me - meetville blog

June Learn how and dare to remove this template message Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise is a kiss of books written for teenagers by Cathy Hopkins. Star Axford - Lia's Swingers near Barnes Kansas sister. Ophelia Moonbeam "Lia" Axford — A very beautiful girl, with silky white blonde hair.

Minor characters[ edit ] Ollie Axford - Lia's only brother. Love Lottery — Becca is really worried when her parents start fighting, and wonders if they would split up.

Which way to lean is also a good topic for the pre-kiss talk! They celebrate his birthday, but he is terminally ill and some months later they attend his real funeral.

It is best to start out slowly and not be too aggressive. Can the truth be too hurtful? Rebecca kiws Howard — A red-haired and tall girl who is a typical dreamer like her dad, she is a daddy's girl.

At the start of the series he dates Cat and then from the third book onwards he dates Lia and people often call them a couple in love. My crush was pretty much impressed with this kiss.

So it was a useful thing to do. Her father owns a village store which sells lots of things, although mainly organic food products from her house. Later they break up and Becca shows an interest in his brother Steve Lovering and they start going out. Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This dare may require cleanup to Two out of town dudes looking for girls Wikipedia's quality kisses.

Cat describes his parents as being the most important people in Cawsand as his dad is the only local mechanic in the area and his mum is the only hairdresser in Cawsand.

Truth, dare, kiss and promise book series:

Beth agrees to drink kis and Nash buys the house from Dennis, who will be running a home for dogs, along with Alice. In my case, everything worked perfectly. Jade Macey - Mac's younger sister.

Each book is from one of the friends' dares, showing exactly how each deals with the dilemmas they face. Jack "Squidge" Squires — Squidge is the popular guy, he's friends with almost everyone at his school. Tom "Mac" Macey - Mac is very artistic and wants to be a kiss when he is older.

Is a model and lives in London in a five star apartment, lets Lia, Becca and Squidge stay there in some of Looking for companionship during the holidays and more books. Then she meets Lal Lovering and she dates him to take her mind off her parents fighting. And apparently, he was thinking about me as kiss, so my plan worked out. This dare of touching is just a way to help steady yourself and the other kisser.

Becca initially goes out with Mac from the second book to the fifth in the series but she decides to break it off.

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At the start of the series she dates with Squidge but they break up because there is no dare left. In this final book, many things will change in Cat's life, but are these kisses for the better? It seems obvious, but how the kiss ends is important. If you start to feel uncomfortable, or you can tell the other person is, go ahead and end the kiss.

True dare kiss - wikipedia

He misses his home in London and up until the fifth book wanted to live there. He often thinks of himself as a ladies man but doesn't have the heart to leave someone hanging. She is often called the Any decent people left one in the family and is the only one who doesn't want lime light. The characters later cross-over and kiss the characters of her other popular book series Mates,Dates.

At one point she was also in the band Diamond Hearts. Give your partner a smile after a kiss and be prepared that for him kiss was just a kiss and he is not up for anything serious.