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Medjool date Facts, Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Medjool date Facts, Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Medjool date Fast Information Identify: Medjool date Scientific Identify: Phoenix dactylifera Origin It’s originated within the Persian gulf—northern Africa, northwest India and the Arabian peninsula. Colours Shiny pink to brilliant yellow Shapes Oval-cylindrical, Three-7 cm lengthy, 2-Three cm (zero.79-1.18 in) diameter Flesh colours Orange-yellowish Style Candy Energy 66 Kcal./cup Main vitamins Carbohydrate (13.84%)
Copper (9.67%)
Vitamin B6 (Four.62%)
Complete dietary Fiber (Four.21%)
Vitamin B5 (Three.86%) Health advantages Decrease ldl cholesterol, Constipation aid, Energizes physique, Handle triglyceride ranges, Stronger bones

Date palm scientifically generally known as Phoenix dactylifera, is a monocot plant belonging to household Arecaceae which is cultivated in dry tropical areas worldwide for its candy edible fruit. The native vary is essential to determine as it’s unfold via cultivation for hundreds of years however is believed to have originated in area round Persian gulf- the Arabian peninsula and Northwest India. Since historic occasions, dates have been cultivated from Mesopotamia and Babylonia to prehistoric Egypt as early as 4000 BCE. Fruits are utilized by Historic Egyptians to make date wine and eat them at harvest.

Dates are medium sized rising singly or forming in a clump having a number of stems from single root system. It doesn’t develop woody tissue however help them having stout fibrous and overlapping stems and measures 15 to 25 meters tall (50 to 80 ft). Leaves measures Three to five meters lengthy having spines on petiole and pinnately compound with 150 leaflets. Leaflets measures 2 cm vast and 30 cm lengthy. They’re dioecious and wind pollinated however typically hand pollinated in business manufacturing for higher fruits and is propagated by cuttings to attenuate variety of male timber.

Fruits are oval to cylindrical measuring Three-7 cm lengthy and 2-Three cm diameter having single seed measuring 2-2.5 cm lengthy and 6-Eight mm thick. Dates have three major cultivar teams similar to semi-dry, gentle and dry having quite a few varieties in every group together with hybrids with different Phoenix species. Dates with excessive content material of sugar are consumed recent and utilized in getting ready desserts and meals with substantial regional dishes in India and Center East and utilized in vacation fruitcakes in Europe and U.S. In addition to its edible fruits, seeds are grounded into edible flour used for making bread on the occasions of shortage. Flowers may be consumed and utilized in salads or dried & floor as condiment. Date palm could possibly be grown from the seed however 50 % of seedlings are feminine and bears fruit and dates from seedlings crops are of poorer high quality and smaller.

They’re talked about within the Koran and the Bible and important in Indian mythology. In tropical areas, they’re an important crop with 7.5 billion metric tons as 2009 international manufacturing. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran are the highest producers. The business plantations use cuttings of closely cropping cultivars. Compared to seedling crops, crops cultivated from cuttings bear fruit 2 to three years earlier. Naturally dates are wind pollinated however guide happens in trendy business orchards and conventional oasis horticulture. A male might pollinate upto 100 females with help.

Mature timber produce from 68 to 176 kilograms of dates per harvest season although they don’t ripen on the similar time so it requires a number of harvests. For getting fruit of marketable high quality, bunches of dates have to be thinned and coated or bagged earlier than ripening so remaining fruits develop bigger and are shielded from pests and climate.


Medjool date is a solitary tree measuring 30 meters with suckers producing offsets or roots current at base. Leaves are glabrous measuring 1 to five.1 meters lengthy with many leaflets about 20-40 x 2-2.5 cm. Decrease leaflets are Four-ranked and reworked into spines and higher ones are 2-ranked measuring 10 to 20 cm lengthy with yellowish apex. Inflorescence is roofed by exhausting and boat like bract. Feminine inflorescence measures 90 to 120 cm and primary stalk is flat about 45 to 75 cm lengthy and glabrous with quite a few spikelets. Flowers are distant, inexperienced and rounded. Sepals measures Four x 2 mm and petals are two occasions bigger than sepals and are rounded. Flowers are white, sessile and candy scented with a lot bigger than feminine flower. Stamens are Four mm lengthy with brief filaments and erect anthers. Petals are valcate, Three-lobed measuring 7-Eight mm lengthy. Fruit is edible, fleshy, cylindric, yellowish-brown to reddish brown and about x 1-1.5 cm broad. Seeds are stony, longitudinally grooved from one aspect and acute at apex.


Medjool date is tapped for palm wine in giant elements of Northern India. In Pakistan and different nations, it’s tapped for palm syrup and jaggery manufacturing. In Africa, wild date buddies are tapped for palm wine. Palm tapping course of includes laceration of unopened flower stalk and then fixed a bottle gourd, plastic or clay vessel on to it. The sap collects in vessel and is harvested in early morning hours. If lime juices (few drops) are added to palm sap then fermentation may be stopped and sap could possibly be boiled to type palm sugar, palm syrup, jaggery and numerous different edible merchandise derived from syrup. In Pakistan, India, Ghana, North Africa and Côte d’Ivoire, dates are tapped for candy sap which is reworked into palm sugar, alcoholic drinks or molasses. In North Africa, sap extracted from tapping palm timber known as lāgbī. If left for enough time interval, lāgbī turns into an alcoholic drink. Tapping requires a particular talent in order that it doesn’t die.


In Christian faith, date palm leaves are used for Palm Sunday. They’re generally used for making huts in North Africa. Leaves (matured ones) are made into screens, mats, followers and baskets. The dried leaf petioles are a supply of cellulose pulp used for brooms, strolling sticks, gasoline and fishing floats. Leaf sheaths are valued extremely for his or her scent and fiber from them are used for coarse material, rope and giant hats. Leaves are utilized in Jewish vacation of Sukkot as lulav.

Younger leaves are cooked and consumed as vegetable and is the terminal coronary heart or bud and its removing damages the palm. Seeds that are finely floor are mixed with flour for making bread on the occasions of shortage. The flowers are additionally consumable. Flower buds are utilized in salad or floor with dried fish for making a condiment for bread.

Historical past of dates

Medjool date is likely one of the kinds of dates. The bigger measurement, decadently candy taste and chewy texture have made Medjool prized for millenniums. It’s considered an oldest cultivated fruit having an proof of its consumption in Center East by historic cultures courting again to round 6000 B.C. Fruit was extremely coveted traditionally resulting from its troublesome and labor intensive cultivation. Loved solely by royalty & reserved for lavish celebrations therefore encourage titles “The Diamond of Fruits” and “The King of Fruits”. In 1927, Medjool palms first got here to United States when an American horticulturist, Walter Swingle rescued 9 offshoots from Moroccan crops threatened by illness. 9 offshoots have been delivered to California and then planted in Coachella Valley the place 75% of dates are grown in United States. Within the Coachella Valley, all Caramel Naturel dates develop. In trendy occasions, Medjool dates are extensively accessible by integrity of profitable California farming and advances in know-how which makes extra environment friendly cultivation. Its presence in U.S. and California during the last century helped fruit to adapt itself diversely into American culinary tradition. The notice of dietary content material of Medjool has widespread demand. Medjool continues to grow to be as in style; it is going to all the time have a top quality and custom of being unique, particular and completely scrumptious.

Some kind of well being advantages which Medjool dates supplies:

  1. Decrease ldl cholesterol

Medjool dates are a smartest selection to take care of wholesome ranges of ldl cholesterol. Its consumption helps to extend each insoluble and soluble fiber consumption which might decrease the ldl cholesterol naturally particularly dangerous ldl cholesterol. LDL ldl cholesterol contributes to coronary heart illness, coronary heart assaults and strokes. Presence of an excessive amount of ldl cholesterol within the blood types sticky deposits often known as plaque alongside artery partitions. Ultimately, plaque blocks or narrows the stream of blood to the guts, mind and different organs.

Blood cells which get caught on plaque forming clots might break unfastened or block the blood move utterly via artery inflicting stroke or coronary heart assault. It is suggested to incorporate excessive fiber meals corresponding to dates for individuals affected by excessive ldl cholesterol.

  1. Constipation aid

Dates are one of many prime meals for offering aid from constipation. Presence of excessive fiber content material makes it an outstanding option to hold oneself common. But when one have occasional constipation or have bleeding or extreme ache then seek the advice of the physician as a result of the signs might be a symptom of digestive dysfunction. In case of no ache or bleeding then it’s the signal of constipation that eating regimen wants extra fiber content material. The requirement for a mean grownup is 25-30 grams of fiber per day for stopping constipation.

With excessive soluble fiber, dates retains the actions of bowel common with the addition of bulk to stool and additionally help to maneuver it quicker from intestines. Use Medjool dates as a pure treatment for offering aid from constipation.

  1. Energizes physique

Medjool dates could possibly be used as a publish exercise or pre-workout snack. Dates have excessive content material of sugar than different fruits. Dates have excessive content material of pure sugar similar to glucose, fructose and sucrose. These sugars are processed and utilized simply by the physique for power. Eat few Medjool dates or add it to snack for getting power. It’s also used to fight tiredness.

  1. Handle triglyceride ranges

Medjool dates present wholesome increase to coronary heart. Research have proven that Medjool dates have excessive content material of antioxidant properties. Outcomes confirmed that the consumption of 100 grams of Medjool dates day by day for 4 weeks lowered the extent of blood triglycerides by Eight %.

Triglycerides are the kind of lipid fats within the blood. The excessive triglyceride ranges helps to advertise the probabilities of coronary heart issues so it helps to take care of the triglycerides at regular degree.

  1. Stronger bones

Medjool dates include vital quantities of primary minerals that assist to strengthen bones and counteract painful or debilitating bone illness corresponding to osteoporosis. Add dates to the weight loss plan for individuals with osteoporosis. Dates have excessive content material of calcium and with phosphorus it intently works for constructing robust bones or tooth. About 85% of the phosphorus of the physique is in tooth and bones. Phosphorus is important for upkeep, progress and restore of tissues and cells and for manufacturing of DNA, RNA and genetic constructing blocks. It’s important for balancing and additionally use of different minerals or nutritional vitamins resembling zinc, magnesium, iodine and Vitamin D.

Calcium is the should mineral for the physique to develop and keep robust bones and tooth. Calcium helps to maintain nerves, coronary heart, different physique techniques and muscular tissues work correctly and additionally assist to stop osteoporosis. Because the individuals ages, the bones turn into weak and ought to keep eating regimen wealthy in each phosphorus and calcium to fight bone degradation. The common consumption of Medjool dates helps to uptake an consumption of phosphorus and calcium.

  1. Increment in metabolism

Medjool dates include B nutritional vitamins reminiscent of pantothenic acid, niacin and folic acid that helps to manage metabolism together with 300 totally different metabolic processes that are carried out inside the physique each single day. Furthermore, it incorporates copper in vital quantity that promotes absorption and generates power inside the physique.

  1. Neutralize free radicals

Medjool dates possess manganese that acts as a primary co-factor of superoxide dismutase which is an antioxidant that successfully neutralizes free radicals and additionally forestall the injury of cells.

  1. Offers radiant pores and skin

Medjool dates have good quantities of panthothenic acid and niacin. These vitamins and nutritional vitamins assist the one to offer wholesome and radiant pores and skin. So one ought to eat 2-Three dates daily.

  1. Fight anemia

Being a wealthy supply of minerals resembling iron, it helps to take care of hemoglobin rely and prevents the probabilities of anemia. Add Three-Four dates to the day by day weight-reduction plan and forestall the probabilities of iron deficiency.

  1. Mind features

Dates assist to guard towards irritation and oxidative stress in mind. The day by day consumption of dates lowers the probabilities of neurodegenerative illnesses and supplies higher cognitive performances in older people. It additionally slows down the probabilities of Alzheimer’s. Research exhibits that dates assist to stop irritation in mind.

  1. Deal with hemorrhoids

Throughout being pregnant, hemorrhoids are widespread complication and are brought on by inadequate consumption of fiber. Dates are a superb supply of fiber as we mentioned already. It prevents the probabilities of hemorrhoids on the time of being pregnant.


 Retailer it open or closed for upto 6 months beneath refrigeration. It may be frozen.

Conventional makes use of

  • Dates are used for treating fevers and respiratory illnesses.
  • Gum is used to deal with diarrhea.


  • Consumption of Medjool date with pit causes choking.
  • Monitor blood sugar because of excessive pure sugar content material in Medjool dates.
  • It might trigger allergic reactions resembling tongue swelling, runny nostril, facial redness or itchy eyes. Discontinue its consumption and search for medical consideration.
  • Medjool date just isn’t good for these making an attempt to reduce weight or diabetes sufferers.

Find out how to Eat         

  • Eat dates out of hand.
  • Use it to stuff fillings reminiscent of walnuts, almonds, candied orange, pecans, tahini, lemon peel, cream cheese or marzipan.
  • Chopped dates are utilized in savory and candy dishes corresponding to desserts.
  • In Southeast Spain, dates are wrapped in bacon and shallow fried.
  • Date syrup is utilized in Israel for cooking hen.
  • Use it to make Jallab.
  • Sap is fermented and distilled.
  • Use it in fruit pies, desserts and confectionary.
  • Add it to smoothies.




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