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Natural Remedies for Depression or Avsaad

Depression or Avsaad:

Depression or ‘Avsaad’ (in Hindi) is the most typical however critical sort of emotional issues. It’s a state of low temper that impacts a person’s bodily and mental health. Depression might differ from feelings of slight unhappiness to utter grief and dejection. It is the most disagreeable experience a person can bear that turns into very troublesome to deal with. Depression (avsaad) can negatively have an effect on an individual’s life. It disturbs his bodily in addition to mental health utterly.

The analysis of melancholy is usually based mostly on the individual’s reported experience. Nevertheless, there isn’t a laboratory check for it. It’s characterized by the presence of a severely depressed or low temper that persists for a minimum of two weeks and above. Truly, melancholy is totally different from normal unhappiness. Regular unhappiness is  normal part of life and is less extreme whereas unhappiness as a result of melancholy is more extreme.

Though, melancholy might be occurred in any age but there has been a big improve in previous age. Moreover, it’s critical in aged patients and is with apathy or agitation. Aged sufferers often have ideas of confusion about their bodily sickness, poverty and uselessness. In addition, additionally they have feelings of self-hatred, helplessness, and disappointment. In some situations, individuals might endure with nervousness too. Suicide is the another danger widespread in each the kinds. As a matter of reality, more individuals above 60 make successful suicide makes an attempt than at another stage of life. Their speak of suicide should subsequently, be taken critically by their relations.


Feeling unhappy or having dark ideas does not essentially mean melancholy. On the contrary, it’s something totally different from a short lived change in temper. Truly, it is a disorder related to the sensation of increased unhappiness, hopelessness and nervousness. This unhappiness persists over a interval of weeks and disturbs the day by day lifetime of a person affected. If there isn’t any medical remedy at any given time, then this dysfunction may cause numerous consequences. Correspondingly, patients, that suffer from melancholy, exhibit suicidal tendencies for a big diploma.

Probably the most outstanding symptoms of melancholy are feelings of acute sense of loss and inexplicable unhappiness, lack of power and loss of interest. This feeling of unhappiness is intense and constant (virtually on a regular basis); it may well even occur with none genuine purpose. As well as, the affected person feels tired and sick on a regular basis. The affected person might have destructive, unrealistic emotions of guilt and exhibits lack of curiosity within the everyday actions.

Some necessary physical symptoms of ‘avsaad’ are sleep disturbances, lack of appetite, fatigue and constipation. In addition, headaches, giddiness, agitation, and muscle tissues ache can also be there. Likewise, main emotional signs of depressive dysfunction are constant pessimism, withdrawal from socializing and irritability. The affected person might have lack of curiosity in hobbies and different issues. Moreover, low physique temperature, low blood strain, scorching flushes and shivering may be seen in instances of extreme melancholy.


There are numerous potential causes of melancholy or avsaad. Nevertheless, it’s believed to be a mixture of genetic, environmental and psychological elements. Lack of adrenal glands functioning is among the major causes of the psychological melancholy. In addition to, faulty temper regulation by the mind, irritating life events and household history may also cause ‘avsaad’. It might additionally occur resulting from continual health issues and certain drugs.

Depleted functioning of the adrenal glands is a vital reason for the melancholy (avsaad). Irregular weight loss plan habits causes digestive problems and result in the assimilation of fat. Similarly, defective weight-reduction plan plan like- extra of carbohydrates and less greens and fruits- might end in indigestion. This results in formation of gases within the digestive tract and causing compression over the diaphragm. It raises the carbon dioxide degree which will end in melancholy.

In the identical approach, medicine also can cause an individual to get depressed. The excessive and indiscriminate use of medicine might result in faulty absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body. Similarly, extreme intake of fats (from using refined processed foods) can also lead to melancholy.

Natural Remedy of Depression or Avsaad:

Depression (avsaad) is a curable disease. There are two widespread strategies of its remedy – Counselling and Antidepressant medicine’. Although use of antidepressant medicine might provide fast aid but that could be short-term. Antidepressant medicine are also harmful for well being; it removes symptoms solely, not the causes. Researches present that a lot of the medicine, together with the widespread antidepressants result in uncomfortable side effects. (1) It might cause liver injury, headache, dizziness, constipation, fall in blood strain and blurred vision. Nevertheless, melancholy might be handled naturally by following a proper food plan plan, physical train, rest and meditation.

1. Dietary Modifications:

Weight loss plan performs an important position not solely for physical health but in addition for the mental health of an individual. Lack of vitamin is a vital function of the diets of sufferers affected by mental issues like- melancholy. It’s also proved from many research. Deficiency of the vitamins, particularly nutritional vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids may cause melancholy in prone individuals.

Current research exhibits that low degree of serotonin (a kind of hormone) contributes to melancholy. In addition, there’s a hyperlink between low degree of serotonin and suicide. (1)

Hence, the primary focus ought to be on dietary modifications whereas treating melancholy. In other phrases, the patient ought to embrace anti melancholy foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamins B and D, A, C, and E in his every day weight-reduction plan.

Moreover, studies proved that some foods affect the manufacturing of chemical compounds; these chemical compounds are immediately involved in figuring out temper in addition to mental power, performance and conduct. Serotonin and nor-epinephrine are two varieties of mind chemical compounds which have an effect on mood. These chemical compounds are often lacking in depressed individuals. Nevertheless, there are some meals that assist to spice up the level of ‘Serotonin’. Therefore, these anti melancholy meals ought to be included in day by day eating regimen of the patient. These are –

Foods to eat-

  1. Bananas (kela)
  2. Walnuts or Akhrot
  3. Cashew nuts or kaju
  4. Avocados
  5. Apples or Sev
  6. Darkish Candies
  7. Pumpkin seeds or Kaddu ke beej
  8. Salmon

2. Exercise and Exercise:

Second essential a part of the remedy of melancholy is ‘Physical Exercise’. Train can elevate depressive temper. It also helps to scale back stress and nervousness. Studies prove that extra physically lively individuals have higher feelings of pleasure and enthusiasm in comparison to less-active individuals. Exercise releases ‘Endorphins’- that acts as a pure anti-depressant. Truly, ‘Endorphins’ is a kind of really feel good chemical that helps in regulating depressive mood. These endorphins work together with the receptors in the mind that scale back notion of pain. In line with Neuroscientists, exercise supports nerve cell progress within the ‘hippocampus’. Hippocampus is a serious element of the brain region (referred to as ) that’s considered help in relieving melancholy.

Yogic Asanas for depressionTrain is nature’s greatest tranquillizer to scale back stress and nervousness. Regular train can increase your temper when you have melancholy, and it’s particularly useful for individuals with delicate to average melancholy. The patient can do any sort of exercise that suits him. Subsequently, some sort of exercise have to be undertaken every day. Yogic asanas and meditation are simpler in elevating depressive temper. The patient ought to carry out following asanas with enough rest, rest and meditation day by day –

1. Bhujangasana

2. Shavasana

3. Shalabhasana

four. Pashchimotasana

5. Vakrasana

6. Sarvangasana

7. Halasana

In response to Dr. Michael Craig Miller, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical Faculty, ‘exercise is an effective treatment for depression, but only for mild to moderate. It is not effective in case of severe depression.’ Subsequently in case of severe melancholy, it’s better to seek the advice of specialist.

Three. Supplements for Avsaad:

Depression (Herbs and Supplements)Depression (avsaad) is a temper dysfunction by which individuals experience emotions of unhappiness, loneliness, and loss of interest for lengthy durations of time. Some dietary supplements are efficient in elevating depressive mood. As per outcomes of researches, ranges of vitamins, magnesium and serotonin go down in maximum instances. Subsequently, use of pure dietary supplements will help to scale back its signs naturally. Although, there aren’t very robust opinions about it however use of dietary supplements definitely helps to beat the issue of depressive temper. As a result of, you don’t get important substances from meals in adequate quantities.

A number of the necessary supplements that assist to overcome ‘avsaad’ are-

1.Folic Acid & Vitamin B

2. Vitamin D

3. Vitamin E & Okay

4. Omega-3

5. SAMe- S-adenosylmethionine

6. GABA- Gamma-aminobutyric acid

7. Tryptophan- An amino acid

4. Herbs for Avsaad:

Herbs for depressionHerbs are natural temper elevator. Though, there are a selection of accredited (by FDA) medicine and medicines for the remedy of melancholy however herbs are additionally good. Some herbs are in use for centuries as people drugs of ‘Avsaad’. These herbs work amazingly as mood booster and are simply out there in market for people who find themselves dealing with this drawback. In case you are dealing with melancholy and don’t need to take any drugs, you’ll be able to choose for herbs.

Although, these herbs help to overcome melancholy effectively, but only delicate to average. In case of severe drawback, it’s higher to seek the advice of specialist. Some widespread herbs are-

Depression and St. John wort- a natural herb1.Turmeric (haldi)

2. Saffron (kesar)

3. Ashwagandha or (Withania somnifera)

four. Brahmi ((Bacopa monnieri)

5. Lavender oil

6. Rosemary

7. Thyme

eight. Garlic (Lahsun)

9. Onion (Pyaj)

10. Oregano (Ajwain ki patti)

11. St.John’s wort- A yellow-flowered plant