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NHT News Vol. 13 No. 3 Oct 13 2017

NHT News Vol. 14 No. 1 March, 2018

NHT News Vol. 13 No. 3 OCTOBER 13, 2017


In This Problem:  

  • Well being within the News: Powassan Tick Borne Virus Extra Lethal than Lyme’s
  • What’s New on the Web site? Publication Bonus Report Hyperlink Repaired
  • Case of the Month: The Therapeutic of a Properly’s Water
  • Ask Dr. Moffat: Shingles
  • Inspiration & Perspective: Don’t Let Worry be Your Motivator
  • What’s New at Our Home? Big Pumpkins
  • Native Occasions: Guess the load of the pumpkin and take a selfie

(Please word that full names are by no means used on this publication or on my web site with out the complete consent of the sender or shopper. Some instances additionally embody groupings of instances with comparable signs and options for therapeutic in an try to teach the overall public.) 

Well being within the News: Powassan Tick Borne Virus Extra Lethal than Lyme’s

Tick-borne Powassan Virus mutates

I’d by no means heard of this virus once I examine it within the American Nurseryman Journal a couple of months again.

Powassan Virus is carried by the Ixodes scapularis (Black-legged or Deer tick). Grownup Ixodes ticks are concerning the measurement of a sesame seed and it’s infants (the nymphs) are the dimensions of a poppy seed! I’ve included a reference for photographs of this arthropod within the reference hyperlinks.

Powassan virus was first recognized in 1958. The virus itself is an RNA flavivirus—an arbovirus that’s just like the West Nile and St. Louis Encephalitis sort of illnesses however I’ve learn that it seems microscopically just like the Herpes Simplex Virus as nicely. Ixodes scapularis ticks are discovered on white-footed mice and on deer. This similar tick harbors Lyme illness.

Tick season encompasses late spring, early summer time and mid-fall in Maine and Vermont the place most instances have been recognized however is on the rise and is spreading to different states on the East coast as of 2017 probably because of local weather change.

Powassan virus is deadlier than Lyme illness however is carried by the identical species of ticks. Solely 75 instances have been recognized within the final 10 years however maybe (as in Lyme illness when it was first acknowledged) the medical career has not readily acknowledged and related the signs to this tick-borne illness.

As soon as a Powassan contaminated tick bites, the virus is transmitted inside 15 minutes into the physique and heads in the direction of the nerve tissue, however signs take for much longer to manifest taking between 7-30 days. Encephalitis and nervous system irritation progress with signs together with vomiting, fever, seizures, complications, confusion, lack of coordination, speech problem and reminiscence loss. The illness is recognized by way of blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples by way of electron microscopy and ELISA testing, however the medical facility should first suspect you’ve the illness to ask for this unusual check . The Middle for Illness Management must be contacted particularly for the check and may take as much as 2 weeks to acquire outcomes.

There isn’t any remedy for Powassan virus. Ten % of affected individuals die and 50% have everlasting neurological injury. Medical remedy consists of supportive respiratory care, intravenous fluids and drugs to attenuate mind swelling.

Prevention consists of sporting long-sleeved shirts, bug sprays, and full-body tick checks after touring into contaminated forests. Checking your critters for ticks earlier than letting them come into the home can also be advisable. One supply said that rustic and trip houses might harbor the tick.

Observe: Tick borne illnesses that homeopathic Tick Borne Pathogen drops might help and assist embrace: Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Borrelia, Tick fever, Ehrlichiosis, starting Lyme illness, Rickettsia, Rocky Mountain Noticed Fever and Tularemia. Continual Lyme illness which has affected the nervous system could be very troublesome to deal with with pure drugs.

References for Powassan Virus:

What’s New on the Web site? Publication Bonus Report Hyperlink Repaired

For years now I’ve been having an issue with the hyperlink to my Bonus Report. Individuals would join the publication after which e mail me that the hyperlink to the report was not working. I might ship them the hyperlink (that labored for me! And connect the phrase doc simply in case. So discouraging. If a couple of individuals are emailing me then ten usually are not. I attempted some ways to restore the hyperlink, however after 5 years it was only a supply of angst that continued. Lastly I attempted one final time and referred to as icontact. FINALLY I talked to somebody who understood my drawback. He went in and checked all of the hyperlinks in any respect the totally different ways in which individuals would click on on it and found out the problem. I can’t inform you what a aid this has been. So glad it has been repaired. Life strikes on. 

Case of the Month: The Therapeutic of a Nicely’s Water with Gary Greenfield of Greenfield Naturals

So. . . our water pump gave out in 2015. We had pampered it alongside for a few years, however it lastly simply died and had to get replaced costing a number of thousand dollars. With all of the watering that we do, we knew we have been stressing the brand new pump out and that we have been additionally shortening its lifespan so in the summertime of 2016 we determined to put in two water cisterns which took the stress off of our water pump. The issue with this entire course of although was that the installer of the tanks crammed the brand new tanks by turning the pump on full blast to fill the cisterns. This disrupted the protecting mineral layer inside the properly system leading to large quantities of iron in our water. We wouldn’t have an iron filter as a result of in previous years the elements per million have been managed with a easy sediment filter. After this flush although, we undoubtedly had an issue (which might take hundreds extra to resolve).

Thankfully for us throughout this determination time, we had our double chambered cob oven workshop. Gary Greenfield took the category. It got here up throughout dialog that we had this newer difficulty with an excessive amount of iron in our water. A day or two into the workshop he ventured that he might have a simple/low cost repair for this.

“Really?” Michael and I have been all ears.

Gary’s enterprise is to restructure water for individuals around the globe making it simpler for consuming and simpler for crop manufacturing. He had heard of others with this similar iron problem through the years and provided to attempt fixing our water together with his structured water merchandise.

“How is this done” I requested. I had for many of my life been a skeptic when it got here to what I referred to as woo-woo methods however I additionally had heard a narrative from a really gifted power employee pal of mine the place individuals did power work over a nicely that was solely giving ½ gallon per minute and inside a couple of hours the properly was giving 7 gallons a minute. I additionally knew of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work of infusing feelings into water ( Simply by dealing with the water and even taping the phrase with the precise emotion onto the glass of water, the crystalline construction might be modified.

I felt it could possibly be attainable to heal our properly. I used to be not closed to the thought. What did we have now to lose?  Learn extra


Ask Dr. Moffat: Shingles 

Hello Dr Moffat, my mother is just not a affected person of yours. I needed to ask for those who promote something or advocate any nutritional vitamins which may assist with my mother’s shingles. She is 75 years previous. She did have the shingles vaccine. She is on week three and a lot of the rash is gone, however nonetheless experiences swelling/ache in her stomach space on the left aspect the place she had the rash-front to again. Rash is usually gone. She accomplished her course of antivirals and antibiotic to stop secondary an infection. They gave her Gabapentin for her nerve pain- however she doesn’t need to take it as she could be very delicate to treatment and lives alone. Shingles Most Restoration Cream helps. She is taking Aleve at night time. . . I do know she is just not a affected person, however when on the retailer tonight, your identify got here operating in my head many occasions.  Issues are enhancing slowly. She is protecting hydrated and consuming properly. CM

Pricey CM: The Shingles nosode has been working fairly nicely, however it’s a bit late for that as your mother is on the upside of this. She’s not testing robust on the Gabapentin although (simply tapped into her area and requested via muscle testing) so she ought to comply with her instinct on not taking that. The cream is working. Proceed that. Reduce the Aleve if in any respect attainable. Is she’s open to a seek the advice of please have her get in contact with me. Does she know her blood sort? Consuming meals which are anti-inflammatory can be useful for the residual restoration. Thanks for asking! Denice 

Inspiration & Perspective: Don’t Let Worry be Your Motivator

“There are people who say, for those who do the uncomfortable factor lengthy sufficient, it can turn into snug. However we’re actually not encouragers of that. We’re encouragers of coming into alignment, after which taking the motion. We’re encouragers all the time of eliminating the worry; we might by no means need you to maintain doing issues that you simply really feel fearful about. And perhaps the trail of least resistance is simply not get on the horse. Perhaps the trail of least resistance is to get on a special horse—however we might by no means transfer ahead in worry. “ —Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop: Billings, MT on June 21, 2003) Our Love, Esther (and Abraham and Jerry) To join day by day inspiration go to

What’s New at Our Home? Big Pumpkins

Michael and I simply returned from a nationwide big pumpkin weigh off in Mt. Vernon, WA the place Michael took eighth place at that specific weigh off. He grew Idaho’s third largest pumpkin this yr topping the scales at his private better of 604 kilos. Only a child. These weigh-offs are everywhere in the world. A number of the individuals we hang around with at these occasions are amongst one of the best big pumpkin growers on the earth. We all the time ask numerous questions at these occasions and can be getting a number of the greatest seeds to develop for subsequent yr quickly.

Michael Robison with one in every of his pumpkin rising mentors Cindy Tobeck.

Cindy Torbeck with Michael Robison’s 604# pumpkin.

We thought you’d like to hitch within the enjoyable of certainly one of these contests. That is Cindy’s video of her big being weighed on the 47th Annual Half Moon Bay world Championship Weigh off occasion in California this yr:

Native Occasions: Guess the load of the pumpkin and take a selfie

And in case you’re an area and store the Moscow Co-op, be sure you drop in, take a selfie of your self and guess the load of Farmer Mike’s big pumpkin there (it’s not the identical 604 pounder as within the photograph above). Annually the Co-op provides away LOTS of goodies to the winners. It’s value a guess. #giantpumpkinselfies